Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Me

Ladies and Gentlemen. I am bored with my hair. I'm bored with my shlumpy body. Yawnyawnyawn. So the first thing I'm going to do when I get my ass up out of this chair is take a shower and go pick raspberries. And ride my bike. And workout with a superhunky personal trainer. In my mind.

But first, I need your opinion. It matters to me. I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. I always go in and give her sort of a vague description of what I want, and she always does a great job. Honestly, she makes me look better than I should. Or actually do. Then when I get home, it all goes to hell. And I'm yearning, as I always do this time of year, for something short and easy to care for. Something I could just run my fingers through and be done with. The cut I have now is a really good cut, and when I leave the salon, it looks fantastic because she actually styles it. With a flat iron and everything. But here's the thing: I have a great natural wave in my hair and I NEVER use the flat iron. Well, maybe I'll use it twice in between haircuts.

And the thing I've noticed is that my hair texture has changed. It's straighter and heavier on top (meaning flat) and wavy on the bottom. Kind of like my body shape. Also, I've got jowls now. I'm really hoping that someday soon, jowls will be in fashion. Like super-puffy collagen lips. I fear, though, that it won't happen.

I"M TRYING TO AGE GRACEFULLY, I REALLY AM. IT'S NOT WORKING. So help a girl out. Help me pick a hair style. I don't know how to put a poll on my blog, so just leave your comment and I'll do the math myself. MWAH. You are all such lovely, beautiful, young people.

Here's me now: notice the gigantic forehead. The angle really detracts from the jowls, but look at the lovely EYEBAGS! And yes, I know, a haircut cannot do anything to take away those eyebags. but still....

We'll call this one A.

So here are some other options:
Option B. This pert and adorable Meg Ryan do.

Option C. Lithe & Lovely Mandy Moore hair

Option D. Spunky Martina McBride

Option E No One I Know

Option F No One I Know 2

Our last hope, uh, option G

OH!, and if you have a minute you should run over to my friend Robin's blog, because not only is she an amazing writer, she has super cute hair, but I'd be afraid to go that short, so just go and read her blog because she's a lovely person and an amazing writer!

If you have more important things to do with your time, I understand, but you SHOULD REALLY TRY TO CONSIDER THIS BECAUSE I'M GETTING MY HAIR CUT TOMORROW MORNING AT 9:00.

Big hairy love to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I like the cut on F best, but I don't know that it's the best for you, because I think (I'm certainly no beauty expert, so I mean it when I say "think") that all of those cuts really depend on having the right texture/weight/wave to your hair, which your hairstylist should be able to help you with. The only ones I really dislike are E and G.

But hey, I base my hairstyle on how to hide my honking lump on my forehead, so what do I know?!

Post "after" pics tomorrow, and I think you are beautiful no matter what!

Donna said...

I think the Martina look might work pretty well with what I can see from your texture. Kudos for giving something new a try.

I, Rodius said...

I vote for the Mandy Moore. You need not hide behind your hair.

Kari said...

First off, I see exactly where your adorable son gets his looks. That photo of you looks just like JH.

I just got my hair cut, too. And it doesn't look -just- like the perky tomboyish young woman in the mattress ad, but it's darn close, especially if I use the flat iron and puff it up and then use something to hold it. (NOT as time intensive as it sounds, since my hair is so short now.) Moral: you can't just wash 'n wear. With long hair you almost can, but less so with short. In my experience.

Ok, to the voting. I like: C or F. But w/o a flat iron, and given the coarseness/thickness of your hair, it may not come out looking like theirs. It could be a good half way hair style on the way to something shorter and more carefree.. I think short, perky, a bit messy and spiky would be cute on you.. would fit your personality and attitude. Sorta like the unknown woman of option E.. Your implementation would be different, but the concept is right. Also, most drastic and scary.

Theresa, Jon & Kids said...

I like A and B for you. If you scrunch your hair when it is wet, can you get it to wave more? Is getting a slight body-wave perm a possibility?

Good luck!

Melissa said...

I vote for Martina mcbride or unknown number 2. You are adorable just the way you are, however I can never pass up a new haircut!!!! It feels so refreshing and Brittany will make you feel like a million bucks for sure!!! Can't wait for the after photo! :)

Lady Di said...

Annie- I couldn't get most of the photos to load on my phone, but I found Robin's blog intriguing. So, while I can't vote on the pictured options, I say maybe you should just try really short like Robin's. I go back & forth myself, but almost always quite short wash-n-wear for summer (ugh, Texas!) The cool thing always grows again. Good luck!

suttonhoo said...


+ an anthem to sing you on your way »

anniemcq said...

OH! You are all the best. Really & Truly. I'm taking all of this to the hairdresser this morning. My very young, adorable hairdresser. And I'll say "SEE!? Now get to work, Missy". Of course I showed it to Charley last night and he said "I think your hair looks really good just the way it is. I think you should let it grow."

Food for thought.

karigee said...

I missed the deadline. I'm sorry -- I can't wait to see the turnout, though :) I'm sure it'll be lovely.