Monday, September 14, 2009

It Explains So Much

From the New York Times article "Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government":
"The atmosphere was rowdy at times, with signs and images casting Mr. Obama in a demeaning light. One sign called him the “parasite in chief.” Others likened him to Hitler. Several people held up preprinted signs saying, “Bury Obama Care with Kennedy,” a reference to the Massachusetts senator whose body passed by the Capitol two weeks earlier to be memorialized."

From President Obama's speech:
"Right now, three-quarters of the fastest-growing occupations require more than a high school diploma. And yet, just over half of our citizens have that level of education. We have one of the highest high school dropout rates of any industrialized nation. And half of the students who begin college never finish."

There is much work to be done.


karigee said...

This is much on my mind lately, in reference to other things. Here it's not only the lack of opportunity that's sad and/or frightening, it's the *fear* of knowledge or experience that it fosters. I think it's this idea that we have nothing to learn from anyone that breeds (rewards?) ignorance. It's self-fulfilling, and therefore a bottomless pit.

Alycia said...

As you were posting this, we were discussing it over dinner.

It says so very much indeed.

Without being deemed 'countryist' (I guess is the word?!) I can't really say much more!!!! Then again, if all your readers think like you, I guess I could say it?