Friday, October 23, 2009

from one day to the next, or a few questions

do you suppose
that the falling leaves
fight the inevitable
as much as we do?

and should I feel
ashamed of how much
I appreciate their beauty
as they flutter to their end?

I wonder if anyone
will appreciate
"her delicate grace"
when I meet my demise?


Lisa L said...

you ok annie? i love this post but it gave me pause... i'm coming to portland next summer to see number 2 kid and his g'friend. i'd love to get together with you and yours. maybe we could all get together over dinner? Lis xx

anniemcq said...

YES! Oh my gosh, I never meant to give anyone the wrong idea, I was just playing with words!

I"M SO SORRY! No more poetry for me!

Lady Di said...

I love the photos and the poem! (And have I mentioned how envious I was of the Scottish trip?!)

Charley McQ said...

I actually thought it was GOOD poetry, and I was going to ask you where you got it.
From yer brain, that's where!

thank you for causing amazement on a regular basis.

love you.