Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Summer So Far (in pictures)

There's been the sibling road trip for our wonderful Aunt Ruth's funeral...

I love how it looks like I have devil horns in this picture.

And the graduation party for my amazing nephew who just graduated from COLLEGE.....
(I held him when he was minutes old. Just a few days ago, it seems)

There's been a few sunny days where we were lucky enough to be invited to a friends' house to swim...
(the pic with the chubby ankles? Cest moi)

We got to have friends over last week Monday through Thursday to play while their mom helped out at a camp. It was so much fun! (love the pic of her little pinky out while eating. It's not often we have little girls in our house!)

And last but not least, there's been tattoos. Lots of them. The rub on kind. The boy loves how fierce they make him look.

And I love that no matter how grown up he gets, when I look through my mama eyes, I still see my little boy.

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weshattuck3 said...

You are looking v.v. fab in that first picture!