Thursday, June 28, 2018

What Now?

Hey Girl!  What's going on?

Not much, just watching the disintegration of a once-great nation!

I think I'll distract myself by digging rocks out of the dirt, look at Pinteresting ways to organize my shed and get lime stains out of my toilet, install laminate floors and come up with a new hairstyle:

Should I dye it?*

New cut?

Shave it off?

Dye it with Kool-aid, cut it with nail scissors, THEN shave it?

Get a tattoo on my now bald head that says "since my uterus is old, just take my brains instead?"

My eye is twitching.  I think that means I want to line up this entire administration and hit them all on the heads with a cast iron frying pan.

This sour feeling is not going away any time soon - it is the feeling of pure hatred for this vile administration, and I know, it is not doing me or anyone else any good, it is pointless and harmful to myself and those I truly love and care about, so I spend my whole day doing some random order of these things - household chores, cranking music, spending time on-line (DON'T DO THIS) and telling myself to get in GOOD TROUBLE.  I saw a tweet today by Erin Keen (@eekshecried)and it summed it up:  "Every woman I know has been storing anger for years in her body and it's starting to feel like bees are going to pour out of all of our mouths at the same time".  

Drinking seems to be the absolute worst thing to do.  Physical work - where I sweat and can lose myself - is the only answer.  I feel like I could lift a car**.

*for real? Initially I loved my salt and pepper hair, but now I feel a thousand years old
**I couldn't.  

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Miss Butterfly said...

I saw some cool hair wax on Facebook... might work better than Kool-Aid! ROFL! When I was in high school a friend and I decided to give ourselves colorful streaks in our hair... using food coloring. It looked really neat. Until it started raining while we were outside. Then we had colorful streaks on our faces!