Sunday, December 9, 2007

Deep. Breaths.

Went to Costco today. Shopped on a Sunday. Before Christmas. With PMS.

Managed, by the grace of Joe-Henry to not have a nervous breakdown, but forgot my debit card and had to go home, retrieve it AND COME BACK. They put the cold stuff back, so we had to get them again, and go through the check out AGAIN.

My ankles are killing me from the THREE carts that rammed into them, and I still feel the need to scream, two hours later.

The sweet spot though was that when I was berating myself in the car on the way to retrieve my debit card, I called myself a dummy, and my sweet zen master said "Mom! you're not dumb, you just made a mistake."

I'll remember that after the desire to punch someone fades away.

I am now assigning Costco duties to my husband.


Lolabola said...

ah yes, costco, is it really worth the savings?

and shopping on a weekend around xmas. I hate everybody.

English Garden said...

I need to do a costco run, I've decided I'm going to do a big shop and then take a few months off!!

Debbie said...

We have just gotten a membership to Sam's (which is just like costco) and walking through the store the other day really made me have the same feelings!! But I figure with twins coming it has to be worth the pain, right?!?!?! I think my hubby will definitely have that shopping duty!!! :)I feel for your poor ankles( and you sanity)!!!