Friday, December 19, 2008

snowball fight

Joe-Henry had a snowday today, and he and the neighbor kids had a snowball fight. They had a blast, and even though the snow is gone now, the giggles are still lingering.


Living In a Girl's World said...

It definitely shows that they had a good time. Quick question, could JH see his mark at all? That hat looks like it completely covers his eyes!

Robin Amos Kahn said...

There's nothing like a great snowball fight (and then some hot chocolate.) Terrific photos!

I, Rodius said...

Aye, sure, 'tis a beautiful thing, that.

I love that music. A perfect choice, and a perfect presentation of an archetypal childhood joy.

I'm wondering, was the hat an advantage or a disadvantage? He doesn't seem to be able to see, but none of the other kids have hats, so maybe it gave him an endurance advantage in the cold.

Donna said...

Awesome slide show!! You got some great action shots. I think JH was into it juuusstt a little bit, neh?

We got snow this week, but it don't stick togedder! :0( Now all we got is c-c-c-c-c-cold!!!