Monday, December 29, 2008

Ch ch ch ch changes

If you are a parent, perhaps you can chime in if you recognize this:

Do you remember when your newborn went from being that little lump that just lay in your lap, it's milky little eyes open but not able to focus on anything, to a little chub that sat up and took notice and smiled?

Or when your baby started forming words, then sentences, then opinions? "NO RELLA!" meant he was adamantly NOT having any tofurella cheese, and really, I can't blame him.

Or when your sweet natured toddler became a defiant, maniacal button-pusher? BWAAAAHAAAAAHAAAA! I PUSH DESE BUTTONS!!!!! Where did that agreeable little cherub go? And I was so afraid I'd never see him again. I did, but he was returned to me changed a bit, having lived a little wilder, a little more independent, a little more sure of his hold on the world.

And now, can I just tell you, my son is going from little kid to big kid and there just isn't enough coffee to catch me up. My sweet natured kiddo is becoming an eye-rolling, "so" monster. I'll ask him to do something he'll roll his eyes. I'll tell him that there will be a consequence to the behavior and I get "so". (I HATE "SO". SO, SO MUCH). There is so much attitude, I can hardly believe it. And sometimes, he's just in a bucket of worms. His emotions are running really hot and cold. He'll cry if he thinks I'm being unfair (like when I remind him to brush his teeth or something of this heinous nature), and he'll get so angry about something I say, so out of all proportion angry, I just almost have to laugh. (But I don't. But I really, really want to.).

It's odd too, because most of the time it seems as though he's just trying it on. Not like he really feels committed to these thoughts and feelings, but like he's performing some covert social experiment, networking with the other eight year olds to see who can drive their parents crazy first. And farthest. "field note: mom does not give in to whining at 0800 hours. Begin before coffee for next attempt."

Today though he had a friend from down the street over, and he's having his first sleepover, ever. And I'm seeing glimpses of my boy. The thoughtful one, who, when the kid staying over sasses me, say "Hey, don't say that to my mom!" And when I went to tuck them in (for the tenth time), he looked up at me with such big eyes, and said "g'night mom." and whispered "I miss snuggling you".

So yeah, he's growing up crazy fast. But we're still hanging on to that last little boy thread. Thank God.


Freth :0p said...

Oh, how I remember!

And there are more changes and frustrations yet to come.

And there will be the "you have to change, but you must accept me as I am" stage.

There are many years until they become "big people" and can relate to you.

but ...


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you girl. Bailey is just getting so, so, OLD. He's going to be NINE in 2 months. NINE. And then only 1 more year and then it's DOUBLE DIGITS. And part of me loves it, because he's, well, so old. And I love watching him try on different attitudes, because I can *see* it. I can see him figuring out who he is and who he is supposed to be and what response garners what reaction from Mom and Dad.

It seems like right now all 3 of my kids are in transition, and my head is spinning. I think it's a glimpse of what adolescence will be like (when, god help me, I'll have one at 15, one at 13 and one turning 12). All 3 of them are changing so fast. We're really just along for the ride, right?

Living In a Girl's World said...

Preaching to the choir of new 8yo in the house. Glad you made it out and home safely from your festivities.

kari said...

I think you are embarking on a great adventure. And I wish you the best of luck, my friend!

Robin Amos Kahn said...

It's all part of the wonderful adventure of being a parent!
My God, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. And it never gets easier. But I do remember a friend of mine, who was studying child psychology, said that the years 8-12 were considered the best time and I think I felt that too. Wait till he starts staying out late and you don't know exactly where he is or who he's with.

Happy New Year and lots of hugs to the whole family.