Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Must Be The Place

Sixteen years ago, a couple in their early thirties pledged to love each other in front of a few dear, amazing friends and family in a modest back yard in Carpinteria, CA. The groom wore a seafoam green suit with a multi-colored tie, the bride wore an ivory silk tea dress that had layers that fluttered in the ocean breezes. The cake was late (and frozen), biplanes flew overhead during the groom's vows, drowning him out and causing the guests to laugh. The bride, a notorious sap, who cried at commercials (and still does on occasion) was uncharacteristically dry eyed, sober as she was, clear as she was that this was the biggest, most important decision she had ever made. To say yes to the complexity of marriage to this man. When the ceremony was over, they danced to this song.

And you're standing here beside me. I love the passage of time.

Happy Anniversary my Love.

If someone asks, this is where I'll be.


Debbie said...

Happy anniversary my friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Lisa L said...

happy anniversary annie :)

Robin Amos Kahn said...

Wow, sixteen years. I can't believe it.

Happy anniversary to two of the most phenomenal people I know.

Love you,

I, Rodius said...

You're so sweet and sappy. It's wonderful! Happy Anniversary!