Sunday, April 8, 2007


Today there were, as my dad used to say, "Big Doin's" around here. My niece is officially a newlywed, as is her groom, and it all came off splendidly, thanks in no small part to the best ring bearer ever. On our way to the estate where they held the wedding, I was sitting in the back seat with my sweet fella, and I told him how handsome he looked. He said "I have to look handsome. This is very serious business." Indeed. And he took all his instructions to behave to heart, and was every inch a gentleman until he hit the dance floor, then he cut loose with some serious moves. One of the wedding guests said to my husband "what a shame he's so painfully shy!"

My little family unit looked splendid. Joe-Henry, decked out in his white tux, which he kept on until bedtime, giving us one of the most amazing concerts ever. It's lost in the ether because we were all too mesmerized to make a move for the camera. Suffice to say - he brought the house down. My hubband, in his clan kilt, looking so handsome, and sparking everyone's interest as to what he might be wearing under that kilt (nothing but the cool evening breeze and his wife's good graces), and I managed to clean up alright. Although the weather wrought havoc with my hair, turning it into kind of a frizzy halo, but I gave up worrying about it when I saw my niece.

She was a beautiful, no, gorgeous bride, and her groom was dangerously handsome. They have been soooo calm this past week, and I think they were able to enjoy every minute of their wedding. My niece is one of those poised young women who never really went through an awkward phase. She always seems to be so grounded, and is one of the wisest people I know. Her new husband has such a great sense of humor and you can tell by looking at them, the way they are together, that it's just meant to be. They will have a grand adventure of a marriage.

My older brother, the father of the bride, gave the toast to end all toasts. It was heartfelt, emotional, sweet, funny, tender and joyful. He was so nervous before hand, but he held it together and brought tears to everyone's eyes. Even Joe-Henry, who as you know, is a total shrinking violet, knew better than to try to follow Uncle Jim's class act!

I love weddings. Not just the day itself, but the days before and after, when you get to see family and friends you haven't seen in forever, and everyone is caught up in the joy of the event. Even when it's awkward (and when you have family, there's bound to be awkwardness), it's wonderful. They bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in people, but they remind us of all the good things in this life: family, love, laughter and friendship. The things that sustain us in our worst moments, and give us cause to celebrate all the little joys we take for granted every day.

I have a houseful of sleeping fellas: my brother Dale, who I haven't seen in way too long; the love of my life, sawing logs in the next room; and Joe-Henry, who just did a little drum solo in his sleep. I'm sleepy myself, and need to get some rest - the Easter Bunny comes tomorrow, early, and I'd like to catch him, if I can.

But oh, it was a beautiful day, and it's nice to sit here in the peace of the evening, letting it wash over me again.

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