Thursday, April 5, 2007

the stuff dreams are made of?

Is it Lexapro and Chinese Chicken Salad? I don't know.....maybe the lexapro is working it's magic during the day, but it's like falling asleep with a Fellini movie playing. My dreams have been wierder and wierder. I wake up either tired from all the activity, or just plain perplexed.
I've never been one to place a lot of literal meaning to my dreams, but I do think it's where our brains get to try to work things out for us without us getting in the way. But if that's so, what do you make of these dreams?

Dream One: Our anniversary is approaching, so I've decided to get Charley what he's always wanted. I've pierced my INNER THIGHS. It hurts like a mofo, but if it makes him happy...
When I woke up from that one, I had to check to see if my thighs were okay.

Dream Two: Charley's Aunt Fran, who in real life is the nicest person in the world, completely approachable, warm, friendly and incredibly crafty, has decided to become a televangelist. I see her on tv and she's saying "The SIN is in inSINuation!" The only thing that this dream has in common with my waking life is that in my dream I am just as stumped by the whole situation.

Dream Three: Last night, I dreamt that we got pregnant. I wasn't excited at first, but then I was. I was with my friends Anne and Anita because Charley was out of town for a while. A&A just had another baby, a beautiful boy, but in the dream, Anne was still pregnant. I reached down and could feel the head of my baby - it was tiny, slightly larger than a golf ball. When I looked down at my belly, I could see its face clearly, pressing up against my belly, like a mask. It was waving at the outside world. I got so excited, and couldn't wait to tell Charley. Then the baby slipped out of my side, like my belly had a kangaroo pouch, only on the side. I tried to get the baby back inside me, but as it lay in my hands, it turned into tiny bones and blew away. My friends wanted to see if there was still a heartbeat, so they held a stethascope up to HER belly for me to listen, then mine, and said, not unkindly, "see the difference?" When Charley got there, I tearfully told him the sad news, and he asked me when dinner would be ready. I was furious, and moved around the house trying to find what it was he wanted me to make (scalloped potatoes), our house had turned into a cross between a board game and a pinball machine, and I got lost. So I told him to fix them himself. He was perplexed.

This one is LOADED, isn't it?! Let me just say, right up front, my husband would never ask for scalloped potatoes.

Alright, all you dream analysts out there... help me out. Or just amuse yourselves.


Franklin5 said...

Okay, Annie. You asked for my advice, and I'm going to give it to you, but I warn you: I'm going to be frank. You should know that right off the bat; there'll be no sugarcoating here.

In my highly credible and reliable opinion, which stems from years and years of independent dream analysis, I can tell you with no uncertainty that I have no flipping clue what in the world your dreams could possibly mean. However, they are wildly entertaining and insanely creative: and really, would we expect anything less from you? So for this reason alone, I thank you for sharing them with us.

Having said that, allow me to say this: I just loved, loved, loved your comment on my sad and dusty blog. In my own thoroughly neurotic way, I have been blogging in bits and pieces, and I swear that as soon as I get one uninterrupted block of creative time, I'm going to post 'em. Or just start all over again. It could go either way.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I just adore keeping up with you! (As does my mother, who recently confessed to lurking 'round here. Hi, Mom!)

anniemcq said...

Franklin! I love ya! Geez, I wish we lived in the same town! Thanks for the giggle. I'm just so glad to know that you're still going to be with us. I would be sooo sad if you weren't!

And Hi Franklin's Mom! I'm honored that you lurk here!

Anonymous said...

It's been several months since I've been on medication, but I know when I was on both Effexor and Lexapro, my dreams were WILD. The only thing is that I could never remember them as well as you - I would wake up and have that fleeting "WTF?!?" feeling but then forget them within a few minutes. But I do know they were vivid and disturbing.

Um, and sad and dusty blog accurately describes Franklin's blog! I check every day, only to be sadly disappointed by the lack of updates.

anniemcq said...

Tracey, I talked to my doc about it yesterday, and she said that sometimes it's because the drugs help us actually get the rem sleep we need that we dream like that. Before I started taking it, my hormones were really wreaking havoc with my sleep cycles. I've never been as close to being an insomniac as I was a few months ago. Inability to sleep and waking up and not able to go back to sleep. So it seems to be helping with that, and the mood swings. I still get irritable an impatient, but I chalk that up to parenthood. And the fact that I'm getting my period every 20 days instead of 28.

I will say that when I was a kid, I had some dreams that I can STILL remember. I've always been a really vivid dreamer and I can usually remember them in detail. It's only since I had Joe-Henry that I stopped having those really absurd dreams. And I'm not as disturbed by these dreams as I am kind of amused at them.

As for Franklin's blog.... perhaps we can use this comment section as a public forum to shame her into writing. Love ya, Franklin!