Sunday, January 11, 2009

computer cat

computer cat
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stepped away from the computer for a second, and when I came back, Bosco was checking out my flickr set of animals and birds.
I had been organizing a set, and she was very interested. I thought it might have been the bird pics, but she was trying to get the cursor. She's such a funny little love.


Amber said...

Cosmo used to do that with the!It's too cute,isn't it?

Mommy Mo said...

Hey Annie. I tried to reply back to your comment on my blog but it wouldn't let me. You made me laugh talking about your cats. as for the kids, luckily, at the last minute, my neighbor and BFF took child #1 for a few hours, and my MIL took child #2 for a few hours. MIL is feeding us lunch, BFF is feeding up dinner.

Not a bad day anymore!