Sunday, January 25, 2009

File Under "What Did You Just Say?"

Got a phone call from JH's new flag football coach with the schedule for practices.

Three afternoons a week at 4:30 for an hour and a half.

Okay, well, on one of those afternoons I have a mandatory meeting until 5:00, so can I bring him late?

This is what he says: "Well, after you meet me, of course, I'd be willing to pick him up. I hate to see kids neglected."

Lissenup, Coach, the kid isn't "neglected". He might be mildly inconvenienced, but he's definitely, NOT neglected.

Someone needs a Thesaurus or something.

While I appreciate the offer of that guilt trip, I'd rather not.

Theeeeenx. Okay. Buh-bye now.


Amber said...

I think that would have slightly pissed me off.....

Lisa L said...

ugh. also....a little red flag came up for me....

I, Rodius said...

Wow, and you're not even in Texas. In Texas, I think they'll call Child Protective Services on you if you're not on a football team by the time you're five.

suttonhoo said...

not even close.

next question: is there another football coach in town? 'cause this guy just fell into the "hero and mentor" role by default.