Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Gatherings & Falling On My Head

Two things that don't have anything to do with one another. Luckily. Because had I fallen on my head at a family gathering, as much as they love me, I'm sure it would be hard to live down!

Actually, the family that gathered on Saturday was not even my own family! I was honored by my friend Shannon to take pictures of her family gathering. She and her siblings threw a surprise birthday party for her fabulous mom, and it was one of those events that you just pinch yourself because you can't believe you get to hang with these people. So much talent, so much love and in such a gorgeous location. The birthday guest of honor was feted in song and poetry, toasted and only slightly roasted, because she is completely beloved. Family came from all over the country to surprise her, and I got the feeling that she was more than just a bit surprised. There was fantastic food and a live marimba band and a view of the lake. Sigh. Perfection. Here are just a few of the bazillion photos that I took.

On Sunday, I had some of my own lovely family over for a barbecue, and there was much playing of hoops. A couple days before, Charley had picked up a full-sized hoop that we'd gotten on Craigslist. Many games of horse, and just shooting and dribbling seemed to keep the party hopping. I was too busy running the grill, because Charley had to work, so I just got to hear the happy shouts from the driveway whilst I turned the chicken. It was so lovely to just hang in the back yard. The weather was gorgeously perfect, with enough breeze to keep it cool.

On Tuesday evening, after piano lessons, after dinner, we were hanging out in the back yard, and Charley & I were entertaining JH with our hoops prowess, when I tripped over the base of the hoop and fell with such force it's a wonder I'm able to write this. I have NEVER fallen like that, and I never want to again. I braced myself by putting my hands out, landing on my left knee, my hands sending a shock up my arms and cracking my neck so loudly in my head I saw stars, with my head following through and planting itself fully on our cedar fence. I didn't move, or rather I couldn't move for a good 20 seconds. I could see JH's ashen face from my spot on the ground, and for a moment I thought: I'm paralyzed. This is it. But then my hands started to tingle and I could move my legs, so with Charley's help, I twisted my body back into alignment and slowly got up. My hands were the only thing to hurt for two days. They tingled, like tiny needles were sticking into the tops of my hands and under my fingernails. I've been icing and dosing up on ibuprofen for a couple days, and I'm happy to report that I finally hurt in the places I'm supposed to. My knee aches, my neck is tender, my head is sore (and sporting a really cool scab on my forehead) and the only thing hurting on my hands are my thumbs. Oh, and my dignity is a little ouchie as well. But my nerves are sort of back to normal. For at least a day I was worried that if I turned my head the wrong way I would fall down.

I didn't make it to the doctors office, but I did call a good friend who is a nurse. She's been checking up on my the last day or two, and I think honestly that I'm fine now.

But that row along the fence where I was going to plant tomatoes? I'm planting pillows instead.

OH! And I completely forgot to tell you: I'm meeting the first grade floozy that has been trying to talk my son into kissing. Tomorrow at 3:30 at the park. Both Charley and I are going. All I can say is she better not try any funny business with me around!


Alycia said...

PMSL! Be nice to the first grade floozy! She could be the mother of your grandchildren one day! hehe.

Your fall sounds horrendously scary... and not particularly nice after your painted such a gorgeous picture leading up to!

Love the pics from the family gathering - the one above the table setting, I think middle one? Just beautiful.

Donna said...

Ouch! Glad you are on the mend. Just tell the floozy that the scars are from the beatdown you gave the last little tart who tried to besmirch your son's honor!

Shannon O'Hurley said...

My family gathering was better because you were there.
I love you to the moon, lady.
Kisses to your boo-boos. Ouch.
And mercy on the floozy.
...GOODness, I can't wait to see the pics!!!

Robin Amos Kahn said...

Annie, What a terrible fall. It's so much harder to fall down now that we're older and it seems to happen to everyone. But that fall sounded really nasty - and I'm so glad you're feeling better.

And your photos - wow, you are so talented. You should be doing this for a living, you really should!! Family gatherings, portraits, still lifes, you are great!

And be careful, okay?

Love you,