Saturday, May 2, 2009

lilacs in the rain

lilacs in the rain
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they smell so lush. the lilac bush grew them too high for me to cut this year, but the rain brought them down low enough to photograph!

Reminds me of the lyrics from a Tom Waits lullabye.

Bend Down The Branches

The sky's as deep as it can be
Bend down the branches
Close your eyes and you will see
Bend down the branches

You're like a willow
Once you were gold
We're made for bending
Even beauty gets old
Climb the stairs they're not so steep
Bend down the branches

Close your eyes and go to sleep
Bend down the branches

Which brings me to another Tom Waits lullaby Well, it's not technically a lullaby, but Charley used to sing it to JH when he was a baby. Without the megaphone. Or the flailing. Thank goodness.