Saturday, January 23, 2010

the important stuff

Joe-Henry has been hitting so many milestones lately.

Blowing his first bubble with bubble gum.

Driving me crazy by telling me to look at all the bubbles that have followed. And their greatness.

You know, the important stuff!

So it's only natural that he would tell me, upon first rising this sunny morning:
"I think it's time I learned how to make fart noises with my armpit."

To which I replied: Let's concentrate on tying your shoes, using a napkin instead of your sleeve/pants/furniture, and advanced butt wiping first.

Then I'll teach you how to make fart noises with your armpit.


nancy.s said...

Armpit farts are essential to a boy's development and social acceptance. As for manners, etc., we tell Ian that he may not think it matters now, but he will the first time a cute girl tells him how gross it is.

Lolabola* said...


Donna said...

And yet the armpit fart is only the beginning! He is not a true master until he can manage the machine-gun technique laying down with one hand behind each knee. Best accomplished during warm, sweaty summers, complete mastery of this advanced technique may have to wait a few months. Trust in this, now that he has decided to learn the AF, it will be done quicker than you think!

My sympathies (although armpit farts are less objectionable than the real thing, which my boys seem to have developed a real fascination for...)

I, Rodius said...

He's right: it is time. I love your conversations.

Alycia said...

Advanced butt wiping - oh dear!!! To think people choose to have children!