Sunday, December 10, 2006


Today we celebrated one the of many milestones of childhood. A heart-snapshot moment. I know a few photographers who could capture them, but I'm not one of them (and I didn't have my camera), so this will have to do.

A blustery Pooh-worthy day, cold enough for zipped jackets and scarves and definitely gloves. Joe-Henry and his dad took his bike, with training wheels in the all the way up position to Red and White Park. I walked down later and met them and this is what I saw -
My son, in his red fleece sweatshirt and crazy, too-short 70's plaid pants, hood over his bike helmet, so that from the back he looked like he had a huge head, his dad, running along beside, holding on, then not, then not, then not and away he goes! Hearing his triumphant laugh trail behind him in the wind, I surprised myself by crying. He made it all the way around the park. Stopping and starting was the hardest part, but he had it nailed by the end of the trip around the park.

He was so happy I thought he'd vibrate out of the car on the way home.

Being proud of your child is a great feeling; seeing them take pride in themselves is even better. I wish I could tuck it away for later. For those times when he'll need it, to be reminded that it's good to try hard, to be determined, and most importantly, to have fun on the way.

I love him so much I could burst.

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suttonhoo said...

omg that's just beautiful -- more beautiful than a camera could ever capture.