Sunday, December 17, 2006

oh no!

I just read a headline in my email that sent a wave of terror to my heart. It read -
"No more babysitters!" I thought maybe perhaps there was a new shortage, that maybe they'd all been snapped up in the Christmas rush, and we'd all been left to fend for ourselves. I'll just bundle him up with a bowl of kibble next to his bed while my husband and I go out to paint the town.
But no, it's just a junk email from "PerfectMomSuccess", and if I dared read it, I could find out how, I too, can become a Perfect Mom and a Success, and make millions for my family without ever showering or taking off my pajamas.
Thanks anyway, but I'll settle for "FlawedMomGoodEnough". I'll stay in my pajamas, though.

So rest easy, parents. There's still plenty of babysitters around. If you're lucky, like we are, they're even related and won't charge you! Thanks Jim and Judy for taking Joe-Henry to see the steam engines yesterday while I nursed my cold. He's in his pj's right now, calling out all the stops and wearing his Paper Engineer Hat.

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