Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Time + Heart = Generosity

This is a Huge Hug and a Shout Out to my friend Suttonhoo over at Detritus, and to The World's Best Mechanical Engineer, a dear friend I've never met.

It all started with me getting winded trying to keep up with my son's long list of questions about how the doors work on the Max Train. I jokingly suggested to Suttonhoo that I'd love to direct some of those questions to TWBME. She was seeing him in the next couple days, so she asked if he'd be willing to answer a few questions from a six year old, and he gamely said "Yes!"

I posted about this a few days ago, but he has steadily been supplying the most amazing, innovative, exciting and best of all UNDERSTANDABLE answers to Joe-Henry's questions about the way things work. Of course, it's a given that Joe-Henry would understand them, I'm talking about understandable to ME. He makes Mechanical Engineering thrilling. And funny.

Really, truly, you need to check it out. The whole series is right here.

Thanks again to The World's Best Mechanical Engineer and the Fabulous Ms. Suttonhoo.


I, Rodius said...

Thanks for your kind comments at my blog.

I'm glad you claim him as the World's Best Mechanical Engineer. My brother is the World's Best Structural Engineer. I'll have to remember him as an engineer resource when Thumper starts asking questions. That is, after he's born, and then again when he's old enough to talk. Thumper, that is, not the engineer.

Anyway, thanks!

suttonhoo said...

The WBME is making me look *so* good. of course, this is going to cost me my weight in Mtn Dew.

(which is no small thing, tall girl that I am.)