Friday, June 15, 2007

Your Questions Answered by the Buddha Boy

Tracey R. asks:
oh young Siddhartha, riddle me this - what is the best sport and why?

Baseball. Because you get to bat and throw and catch. You can get a bat and ball at Walgreens because they sell things nicely. The other bestest sport is football because they have lines on the grass and my favorite color is brown and white. And yellow. I like a lot of colors actually.

iRodius asks:
Joe-Henry, if you could name a baby boy anything you wanted, and nobody would say, "You can't call him that!", what name would you choose?

Alexander. It sounds like a good word. Also Sean, Andrew, Arthur*, Zephir*, Isaac, Alex**. And that's all. P.S. - Mubarik (that's his best friend at school)
* We are reading Babar right now
**For Alex Trebek

And finally, EnglishGarden asks:
My question is. why do 3 yr olds never want to nap or go to bed but as soon as you get older (like 30) thats all you want to do, sleep!!

Because they don't know that they will feel better after they take a nap, because all they do in the beginning is cry and cry and cry. When you get older all you want to do is take naps because you're lazy. And another word about 3 year olds is... Big sneeze, followed by "Mom, look at the size of this boog!", then, "just a sec, I need to go pee") always be sure for your baby to take a nap. So that is the news.

Mom, I can't wait for anybody else to ask me more questions. This is fu-unn! Even more fun than riding a bike.


Lolabola said...

this is fu-unn!

"When you get older all you want to do is take naps because you're lazy."

so I guess there's no hiding that from a 6 year old!

anniemcq said...

Nope. He calls 'em like he sees 'em.

Franklin5 said...

Oh, I just love this so much! I'm neither the first (nor, I suspect, the last) to propose this, but: Joe-Henry for president!

Okay. Lemme get my brain in gear and I'll come up with some questions for you. Hold the phone...

Franklin5 said...

As so often happens when I start making clacking noises on the keyboard, this has become a collective exercise at the F5 household.

So from Carter, we have: Do you draw pictures at school? Of what?

Spencer would like Mommy to hold him. NOW.

Katie wants to know if you like to play with trains. (Some residual trauma, I think, of my confiscating a handful of toxic Thomas trains yesterday. I swear that I was trying to be as subversive and sneaky as possible, but preschoolers are maddeningly, uncannily perceptive.)

And my question is: what will be the name of your first full-length CD? And will you autograph my copy, please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"When you get older all you want to do is take naps because you're lazy".

That made me laugh out loud in my teeny tiny office that is so small that I cannot sit in my chair and close the door at the same time (seriously, I have to get up, move the chair from my desk, close the door, then move the chair back)

So thank you J-H, for bringing some joy to my dreary workday. I heart you.

I, Rodius said...

He's right: I am lazy, and I'm over 30. Quad Erat Demonstratum.

Thanks for the names, Joe-Henry. I think Zephir is an excellent choice.

anniemcq said...

Franklin: I'll ask him as soon as he gets home from Kindergarten!

Tracey: Well, I guess your office isn't big enough for napping, now, is it?!

And Rodius: somehow I knew you'd like Zephir ;)

PureLight said...

Hey, y'all, this is Rodius's mom. I want it on the record that I will totally welcome a grandson named Zephir. Mr. & Mrs. Rodius have been very secretive about names up to this moment, but now I have the inside scoop. Thanks, Joe-Henry!

anniemcq said...

ZephirRodius sounds like an exotic flower!

And Rodius: we too were secretive about our names because we made the mistake of mentioning a few and got some really strange comments!

And Purelight: Congrats on the impending Grandbaby! I can tell you are excellent Grandparent Material, which has nothing whatsoever to do with age and everything to do with spirit!

Robin Edgar said...

"Tracey R. asks:

oh young Siddhartha, riddle me this - what is the best sport and why?"

Here is a bit of sport for you. ;-)

I, Rodius said...

Mom found me out, I guess Zephir's off the list now.

When my sister-in-law was pregnant, I asked her what names they were considering. She said they were keeping it secret because if you tell people, they ruin it for you by telling you they've got an uncle with that name who's in prison now, that kind of thing. I said, "Oh come on, it's me! I won't do that!"

She said, "OK, we're thinking about Gage."

I said, "Oh, like the kid in Pet Semetary?"

So that' why we're keeping it secret.

anniemcq said...

I'd tell you why we kept our names secret after we let one out of the bag to my in-laws, but it would make them sound racist, which they aren't. Just a different generation. Needless to say, Cyrus Armstrong didn't make the first cut. But Rodius, you're welcome to use it. My dad's name was Cyrus. I love that name.