Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Definition of Sexy

Joe-Henry has been allowed to watch a few shows on commercial television, which is like Pandora's Box to him. If Pandora were a slutty Victoria's Secret Model selling everything from shrimp to mattresses to tires. Honestly, we let him watch "Jeopardy" & Nick. Jr., which has the same programming as Noggin, but because Noggin is advertised, thusly, "It's like Preschool on tv", he suddenly won't watch it because he's NOT in preschool anymore dammit, he's in FIRST GRADE, and he's not going to get caught watching a channel for babies, even if it does have EXACTLY THE SAME SHOWS, but with a bazillion commercials.

Somewhere in all this madness, he's learned the word "sexy", and like it's predecessors FUCK and CRAP, it's just tooo tempting a word, and he knows it's not a good word for him, even though I've never said anything about it. It's like he heard it associated with some image, and knows instinctively that he shouldn't say it. Anyway, tonight we were getting ready for bed and he asked if he could say it. "We're in my room mom - I won't say it anywhere else!". I give him the go ahead, and he lets loose with "Oh, I'm so seeexxxxy, I have a seeeexxxxyyy face!" and bursts into a fit of giggles. "Only in your room, Bud. It's not an appropriate thing for a six year old to say to other kids or grownups". Then I say to myself, "I'm so glad you don't really know what it means yet."

"But I think I do, Mom."

I bite. "Okay, what does it mean?"

"It means beautiful, but in a way that isn't appropriate for six year olds."

After I related this story to my husband, and said "Hell yes, I'm going to blog about it", he said this:

"Tell them I think you're beautiful, but in a way that isn't appropriate for six year olds".

He's a kissass, but in a good way. I'm such a lucky girl.


suttonhoo said...

SUCH a lucky girl.

(gorgeous post.)

Lolabola said...

such a funny kid. hours of entertainment. who needs tv?

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - JH is wicked smaht. Love it. I'm telling you Annie - we have got to get Bailey and JH in a room together and just tape record it. Together, they could take over the world.

anniemcq said...

Thanks, friends. I think he's smart and funny too, even though he's driving me crazy today. Of course, it's a short trip, lately. And Tracey, what I wouldn't GIVE to get them in a room together. They would be great pals, I just know it. Hopefully, someday!

Franklin5 said...

Perfect post: unadultered hilarity and tender sweetness. Perfect.