Friday, October 26, 2007

So Proud.

I am going to boast here, not about myself, but I am going to go all Un-Lutheran on your unsuspecting asses, and sing the praises of my child. I am going to pull out all the stops, because while I will sometimes post about something cute or funny or crazymaking that he does, I have a hard time going full out Bragging Parent.

But here's the thing - I am so proud of him, so honored to be his mom. With all the mistakes I've made in raising him, with all the times I've doubted myself, he has, thus far, turned out to be a talented, smart and funny person, who is as kind as he is beautiful.

We had his first grade conference today, and although I wasn't worried about getting bad news or anything, I still wasn't prepared for how enthusiastic his teacher is about having Joe-Henry as a student. With Joe-Henry sitting right there, she told us that he is the best listener she's ever had in all her years of teaching. She said he is her touchstone in the class - if he doesn't understand it, then she didn't explain it correctly. She showed us a few of his papers that had mistakes, and pointed out how he learned from them, and how much he's improved since the start of school. She said he is a role model in his class, and that the other kids look to him to know how to behave. She said he is a friend to all the kids in his class, and is always respectful to the students and staff.

When we left, he was floating on a cloud. He said it was the best day of his life. And his dad and I told him that even if he was struggling, as long as he tries his best, we will always, ALWAYS be so proud of him.

When I got home there was an email from his teacher - right after we left, she found out there is going to be an assembly at his school on Wednesday. The topic is RESPECT. Joe-Henry is going to get an award, and will get to go up on the stage to accept it and shake hands with the principal and the school counselor.

But the reason I am so proud of him? The real reason, is this. When I asked him in front of his teacher if there were any problems with other kids, he said "A. used to hurt my feelings, but he helped me stack the chairs the other day. I felt really honored that he wanted to help me. And we finished the job together."

His kindness and ability to look past differences teaches me so much. I am going to try my best to learn from him.


English Garden said...

Way to go Joe-Henry but don't forget to give yourself and Charley a pat on the back too, he learnt it all from you guys.

Franklin5 said...

I don't even know him in real life, and even I'M so brimming o'er with pride and amazement that my buttons are about to pop.

There are so many unbelievably wonderful things happening in this post that it's hard to single out a favorite, but I think...

... well, what I mean to say is that I just love the part about...

... no. No. I just love it ALL. Joe-Henry, you are a wonder, and your parents are THE BEST. Great big kudos and hugs to the three of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this just makes my heart ache with sweetness and pride. I can only imagine how you feel, because I adore your son so much! He's going to do great things in this world.

And I echo English Garden - let's not downplay your role in shaping and molding this little Buddha. He learned it from watching you, okay? (hopefully you get the 1980's drug prevention commercial reference).

I'll blog about Bailey's parent-teacher conference sometime this weekend, which while positive and expected, was not quite so glowing. :) Can J-H come stay with us for a week this summer and give a workshop series on how to be like him?

anniemcq said...

You are all the best. After I posted last night, I kind of freaked out. Like I had jinxed myself or something. How Lutheran is that? Anyway, you're sweet comments made me calm down. They also made me realize that I couldn't ask for better friends. Thanks - you are all so special to me!

suttonhoo said...

love this so much -- and poppin' buttons too. :) gorgeous good stuff -- and so funny that you got all lutheran and freaked out just after you said you were gonna get un-lutheran (says the lutheran-catholic-unitarian-jew)(yeah -- I should probably figure that out some day...)

this is a family triumph, anniemcq. you guys have created *such* a beautiful thing. you're the kid in the class I look to for my example. :) love you and ur tribe.

I, Rodius said...

I hope your path takes you through Austin someday so we can meet this kid. He definitely picked the right parents.