Tuesday, October 30, 2007

good to know

Talking to an LA friend last night, who has met George Clooney, and spent some time in his company ( how did I not know this? perhaps it's because they knew if they told me I would sit on them until they told me every last detail, like how does he SMELL? and is he FUNNY? He must be - look at 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' ), and this I know is a really long and poorly constructed sentence, but bear with me because there is a great payoff:

He's really nice. A good friend. Compassionate and caring. And nice. Did I mention that he's nice?

But how does he SMELL? Never mind -

You don't want me to sit on you, do you?


suttonhoo said...

does litwit know about this?


English Garden said...

Annie, you should so be published, I love the botanical suicide post.