Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Halloween Check List

Halloween went as expected yesterday:

Excitement - check
fun costume - check
trick or treating with best friend - check
tons of candy - check
HUGE MELTDOWN - check, check, check.

If you think that's from the candy, you'd be mistaken. One piece only, it was just exhaustion and too much excitement.

And starting the morning winning an award for being one of the most respectful first graders at an assembly, and he has a healthy sense of irony.

And being almost seven.
I've told him that seven year olds DO NOT HAVE TANTRUMS.
So he's getting it out of his system while he can.

Of course he hasn't put it together that I'm forty something and still have tantrums...

Shhhhh! Don't tell on me.


Lolabola said...

I hope there will be a costume photo!

I had a little 6 year old boy show up for his lesson dressed as a giraffe. There was a big stuffed head on his head with a gap in the neck for his face.

He seemed exhausted and almost depressed at his lesson, it was bizarre. And then he was super polite when I gave him candy.

Also my bus was egged.

I, Rodius said...

Thumper wouldn't sleep at all yesterday and completely melted down from exhaustion after our first few trick-or-treaters. It clearly wasn't the excitement and anticipation; he doesn't know Halloween from Columbus Day. Maybe all kids are genetically predisposed to losing it on that day. Happy All Saints' Day!

Donna said...

Poor kid! We had one of two sick in the crapper for trick or treat time. Talk about meltdown, and he's 8! Now his little brother is showing signs of the same nasty bug (which sent one of my colleague's daughters to the ER with fears of appendicitis, the cramps are so bad). Looks like a fun weekend could be in store while the Mighty Hunter heads into the sunset for pheasant opener. Sigh. Cross your fingers that at least I get through this with no more puking.

Not even any fun to have sick kids since MH and I are dieting and can't (choose not to) steal their candy when they are too sick to care.

anniemcq said...

I am a horrible mom - there was no costume photo this year - and it was SUCH an awesome one. But it was just too much of a goat rodeo to get out the door, so I didn't want one more thing to slow us down.

Donna - I'm SO sorry your kids are sick. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you this weekend, hoping that you don't get it too. Ugh.

English Garden said...

O.K. so I was going to ask about a photo but I already see there isn't going to be one so what was he? We spiked what there is of Sara's hair and she was a rock star, and Kate was going to be a rock star until we spent $'s on her costume and then she changed her mind to a superhero, so she wore a tea towel!! And I am super lame too as I didn't take a single photo and they were in their cotsumes on 2 seperate occasions.

Lolabola said...