Friday, November 2, 2007

At The Moment

Lola tagged me this morning, and I'm glad, because even though I'm not signed up to do the blog a day thing, I like to keep up!

Wearing: Turquoise snowflake pj's, blue socks and big fluffy white robe

Hair: unfortunate

Makeup: smeared under my eyes

Last thing said: "I had a dream we got married again, and I put the wrong date on the invitation and all these people showed up but there was no caterer, so we rescheduled. We charged people $20 a head to come to the wedding. I was mortified, but you weren't mad at me."

Last phone call: to my sister to remind her of our brother's birthday party on Saturday.

In your bag: my orange emergency kit with bandaids and lipstick, my wallet, my staff badge and some tampons.

Plans for today: to do my best, then go to the staff happy hour after work, or just come home and hang out with my family.

Last thing bought: a silver lamé jumpsuit and silver bike helmet for Joe-Henry's alien costume, a huge rubber spider and a tee shirt (all at Goodwill)

Listening to: the sputter of the coffee maker

Last showered: yesterday morning (I'm not there yet today)

Looking forward to: going to Disneyland with my family for JH's birthday

Worst part of the day: I'll tell you about the worst part of the day yesterday, because I just woke up today. Three of the kids in our class are going to be attending a new school (my son's, in fact) because they had to find another place for them due to overcrowding of our class. I have a LOT of issues about this, first and foremost being that I truly worry about how they will do and how it will affect the kids. One of the girls in my group is going, and she is best friend's with one of the boys in my group. They love each other madly. When his autism gets really big, he talks incessantly, saying negative things, usually "I don't like.." But during calendar time, they mentioned that the three who will be attending the new school were on a field trip there yesterday, I looked over and he was just sitting there, with quiet tears streaming down his face. It broke my heart into a million pieces.

Best part of the day: snuggling at bedtime with JH, while he read to me.

Favorite person of the day: My husband and my son. Don't make me pick between the two.

Thinking about: the fact that I have to get ready for work and I'm doing this instead.

Current annoyance: that I need to drop my husband from my health insurance because it eats half my paycheck, and I think that sucks.

Current obsession: what color to paint my dining room.

Feeling: rushed, but glad it's Friday.

I tag Franklin, and Rodius.


Lolabola said...

and now I really can't believe there's no Halloween photo

English Garden said...

Colors for the dining room? My friend who is an interior designer uses a color call 'muslin' by dunn edwards, then paints an accent wall in 'hope chest' also by dunn edwards, she did my living room walls and it looks really nice, then hung plain white curtains from Ikea. Good luck with the decorating!!