Thursday, November 29, 2007

Code Red Cancelled

I sent the boy to school yesterday, all legs bending properly. It appears to be growing pains - yesterday he complained of pain in his right leg, and this afternoon, said his left thigh felt sore. We will still seek out the specialist, because they are good to know, but in the meantime, we are returning to normal around here. Knocking on wood, loudly.

In other news, we hit Trader Joe's last night to stock up on some groceries and it was packed with Christmas goodies. We came home with just a few, namely the gingerbread house (natch) and the advent calendar (double natch), and the CANDY CANE JOE-JOES. A note: when my time comes, and I go to my great reward, I would like to be buried with a box of these tasty morsels.

Do you realize that Christmas is coming? I KNOW, right?! But still... You know, I do try to be somewhat organized, and not to fly too much by the seat of my pants, but it does still sneak up on me. So I've decided that one thing that might be a good way to get in the spirit is to host a party, here on my blog. It'll be sweet, because I don't have to clean my house, but I can still enjoy your charming company. Please come, this Sunday, bring your best Christmas recipe, or story, or the best/worst Christmas present you've ever received, or just come and vent about the fact that Christmas is less than a month away and you are using up valuable shopping time by reading blogs instead of getting things done.

I'll be here, with a plate of Candy Cane Joe-Joes and a cup of coffee. See you then!


English Garden said...

I got my girls the advent calenders too!! I'm excited for the party, I have my thinking cap on.

English Garden said...

Oh! also breathing a sigh of relief that JH is O.K.

suttonhoo said...


go Joe-Henry -- grow Joe grow! :D

re party: perfect. need to take care of some business and then I'll swing by with my famous dip. :)

Donna said...

Ever so glad about JH!

So at a virtual party I can eat anything I want without the virtual calories or worrying whether or not it is semi-South Beach friendly?? Rock on!!!

Tracey has to bring that icebox cake--it looks DEVINE!