Friday, October 17, 2008


Last night at bedtime, JH and I were talking about his day at school. He's been working hard at sorting out his feelings about P/R, and realizing that they are very different people. I haven't been pushing the conversation about him lately because a) we've already talked about it and I don't want to hit him over the head with it, b) I think that other than limiting playdates, there isn't much I can do about what he does at school and c) I trust that he'll figure it out.

As we snuggled in the dark, we had this conversation:

"Mom, all my friends have playstations and Nintendos, but I don't".

"I know, Bud. Dad and I don't think the time is right for those things now. We want you to play outside and run around and use your imagination".

"P/R has all those things too. He told me they got them for him because he told them to. It's like he's the boss at his house."
Then without a word or any prompting from me he said this:
"I'm glad I'm not the boss of our house. It's too big of a job for me. There's too much responsibility for a kid to be the boss."
Then he gave me a huge hug and a million kisses.

I know. I truly do know, how lucky I am.


Kari said...

Aw, thank you, for raising a good kid. The world is better for it.

Amber said...

When the day comes that Isaac asks me for that kind of stuff, I will feel bad for having to say no.I want to save that kind of stuff for B-days&Christmas.I hope Isaac will be as well adjusted as JH.And it's all because he has an awesome mom&dad:):)

Lisa L said...

Sweet, sweet boy.

Living In a Girl's World said...

JH is so insightful. Love him.

bernthis said...

Call in me in twenty years and he can for sure marry my daughter. What a great kid and an even better set of parents.

I, Rodius said...

I know, J-H. It's too big for me, too.