Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fifteen Years Ago Today

I married the love of my life in the backyard of his parent's home.

And we're still married.

It's not always "happily ever after", but mostly, yeah, it is.

I'm grateful for every day.

I love you, Charley. I'm so lucky to be your wife and to be climbing out of the clown car of parenting with you every day.

It just gets richer and better.

Happy Anniversary, you big stud.


Robin Amos Kahn said...


What a great photo and what a great post. And most of all, what a lovely family you two have created.

Love to you all and congratulations!!! I remember the early days and it has been a privilege to know you all these years.

*Lissa* said...

Love that photo!

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Lisa L said...

Congrats mum used to tell me that marriage would be the hardest thing I would do...tend to agree, but its nice when it works :)

I, Rodius said...

Happy Anniversary!

Perhaps inappropriately, what came to mind was, "Goose, you big stud! Take her to bed or lose her forever!"

I don't know why I share these thoughts I have.

Living In a Girl's World said...

Love that picture! Happy Aniversary!!

Living In a Girl's World said...

Okay, I just noticed Rodius' aside and made me laugh!