Monday, April 6, 2009

I've Got Sunshine

Hello, Friends! We're back from the best spring break ever. It was LOADED with fun, and I was seriously wondered if I could handle it. But handle it I did, in addition to a big surprise, and to top it all off, we came home to SPRING! It was warm and beautiful and we all got to go for a bike ride yesterday with our little town showing off it's beauty and giving us a lovely "Welcome Home".

I got to have dinner with two of my dearest girlfriends on Monday - there was wine, and good food and lots and lots of laughs. AND JH got to spend that evening all alone getting "spoiled rotten" by Grandma and Grandpa. These are his words, not mine. Although I heartily agree.

There was crazy California sunshine, hanging out in their little beach town, biding our time until Charley came down so we could all head to Disneyland. We drove down early Thursday morning Charley's Aunt Sandy in the back seat of the van with JH, and the grandparents came down later in the day. Charley's sister Jackie and her two grown kids joined us on Friday. We spent most of our time at Tomorrowland, where Joe-Henry went on Autopia a million times and the Rocket Ride a half million. I hung out, taking pictures, being the point person between the fast people (Joe-Henry & Charley) and the slow people (everyone else).

We drove back Friday night, getting from Anaheim to the Central Coast in exactly two hours on a Friday night, which if you know LA is some kind of seriously amazing time, and then packed everything up (no easy task when there are all kinds of new goodies from Disneyland and grandparents) to head to the Santa Barbara airport at the buttcrack of dawn to catch a 7:00 flight. We had a layover in Sacramento, where Charley got to jam a bit with some musicians (he had his travel mandolin with him), and on boarding the plane for the final leg were so pleasantly surprised to find two of our favorite neighbor kids sitting directly behind us. The boy is in JH's class, and we let them sit together and they played flick bowling on the iPhone the entire flight home.

The kitties were VERY happy to see us, and Bosco has been cuddling me so fiercely at night, making biscuits on my cheeks, my neck, my body, purring so loudly he sounds like a freight train. It's good to be home, not exactly rested, but re-booted for sure.

Oh, and I have neglected the lovely surprise my husband pulled off. I had written a while back that I was wanting an adventure of my own. I had something fall into my lap a couple weeks ago through a friend; standby tickets anywhere Alaska/Horizon flies. I was getting ready to make my choice when my husband was forced to tip his hand. As soon as I wrote my blog post, he started scheming, getting in touch with women he doesn't even know (hell, I've never met them either, but have been longing to for over a year), and planned a quick getaway for me for my Mother's Day/Anniversary gift. So in about a month, I'll be off again, this time flying solo to Dallas, to meet the Posse, and have a whole weekend where I am not in charge of anyone but myself.

Now I ask you: Do I have the best husband or what?


Lisa L said...

You have the best husband in the world! What a lovely guy...and am so glad for you!

sarah said...

so enjoy your trip. you are one lucky lady..

Anonymous said...

Yup. You have the best husband. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!

kari said...


glad you had so much fun!!

Debbie said...

I so have to 2nd MVM....WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Can't wait to finally meet you. :)

Alycia said...

Oh wow! That's fantastic!
Enjoy enjoy enjoy! I love Texas!!!!

Alycia said...

PS, Spring Break sounded wonderful!

*Lissa* said...

WOW! Your vacation sounds warm and awesome, and your UPCOMING adventure sounds so fun! What a good man you have! I am so excited for you!

And btw, my "shredding" I am referring to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. We are having a challenge at Shrinking Jeans. It is brutal. You should join us! ;o)

Robin Amos Kahn said...

Yes, there has never been any doubt that Charley is the best of all possible husbands and he is so crazy about you and Joe-Henry.

You're very very lucky! So glad you had such a great vacation with the family and that you have something to look forward to.