Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shadow Dancing

It was a rough afternoon here. Joe-Henry is becoming addicted to the Wii. I'm ready to chuck the whole thing. He was cranky and obstreperous and a real pain in the ass. I stayed calm for as long as I could, then I yelled back. Even though I'm the grown up. Even though I know how to spell obstreperous.

He didn't eat much dinner because his throat was sore from yelling. So I made him take a bath. He slammed the door, and took one by himself, which is some kind of first.

But after the bath, I heard music in his room, and I walked in to find him dancing with his shadow on the wall. I don't know if the sound will play - it won't on my computer. The song is "Upside Down" from the Curious George soundtrack, which we have both fallen in love with again. We had a great snuggle after that. Listened only to the music. No talking, just listening.



Living In a Girl's World said...

Annie, that is adorable! I'm glad that the air was cleared and you had some quiet time. Sounds like it was needed. I'm dealing with the same age range...and we have days just like this. (In fact yesterday was one.) Hang in there and know that you are doing a great job with that boy and that you allowed to not be perfect.

Debbie said...

I just loved that!

We have the same problem with the Wii. I have actually imposed limits on playing. Like they can only play on the weekends and once during the week. And then I tell them exact times they can play. (I'm sure you have done this as well!) It drives me crazy. And I hate how it sucks their imaginations away. My secret to get them to play in their rooms when they just want to play Wii is to tell them to go and clean their rooms. They always end up playing instead but in the end the room gets cleaned as well. Its a win win!

And you are totally allowed not to be perfect. I wold worry about you if you were! Love ya!

sarah said...

to cute! made me smile

MaryJo said...

Being a techno dummy, I am unfamiliar with Wii, but what a lovely resolution to a collision of tempers! Very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Amos Kahn said...

I needed that. So sweet, Annie. Thank you.

I remember when Zoe was little and it was the computer and all the games that drove us crazy. Setting limits is so difficult, but it seems that you are handling it well.

suttonhoo said...

(makes me miss y'all so much. xo)

Donna said...

That is a keeper! I am so glad he didn't mind your watching.

My older son started listening to a CD at night instead of the radio and he is hooked on that soundtrack. I originally bought it for the preschool slide show, but the music is so much fun!

Kari said...

you. are. kidding. me. that is an amazing piece of video. you have a treasure in that jh.