Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Oscar Recap from the Sick Room

So, we watched the Oscars from the sick bed last night. JH is still under it, though his fever is gone. He loved watching them last year, and it was funny to see the change in his attitude from one year to the next. His commentary is hysterical. Take this gem:

"Mom, why is her dress so hairy?"

Or this, after watching the nominated song from Enchanted ("So Close", see clip below), he shook his head and said "Man. Being a prince is hard work! If you're not lifting up the girls, you're twirling them around!"

Even though it was rather a record year for me, having seen Juno, Michael Clayton, Once, and of course Enchanted and Ratatouille, the highlight of the evening for me was that "Falling Slowly" won best song. And that Jon Stewart had the class to call Marketa out to make her speech.

On the fashion side, I loved Nicole's necklace, and thought Tilda Swinton's dress looked like a goth tablecloth, even though, I loved her acceptance speech.

Until next year, here's a little something sweet to tide you over:


Lady Di said...

Glad J-H is getting better! At my house, I tried to explain why dad was going to have to read the bedtime story so I could watch the red carpet preshow: "So I'll know what to wear to the ball!" Reply: "But you're not going to the ball. Besides, how's dad going to know what he's supposed to wear?"

Kari said...

god I have to sit down and actually watch that movie -- their performance of that song was amazing. something I'll remember for a long time.

anniemcq said...

Lady Di: THanks for the well wishes - he heads back to school today (this is said with crossed fingers)

Kari: Yes. Watch that movie. It is so simple and affecting. I think about it alot after all this time. And all the songs are that good.