Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Media Week

I got meme'd by the fabulous Kari over at Casual Heap, and I'm just now getting around to my list. I believe, if I read this thing correctly it's what I listened to, watched on tv and read this past week.

I'll start with my ipod.

I've taken my old mini out of retirement lately, because as much as I love my shuffle, sometimes a girl has to have control. And since my husband actually WROTE ME A SONG for Valentine's Day, I needed to listen to it more than once. (I got him a couple of books. I am so lame.) I also have some good housecleaning tunes on there, as well as some new faves from my buddy Stu at work. I don't have the new Sheryl Crow listed, but I got that for Charley for Valentine's Day and it's great, too.

As far as books go, I'm reading Saving Grandma by Frank Schaeffer
I just finished the first in that trilogy "Portofino", which was loaned to me, again, by my friend Stu. It's a very funny read. Next on my list is Where You Once Belonged by Kent Haruf, because I loved Plainsong and Eventide so much.

As for TV, thank God for Tivo, and the end of the Writer's Strike. But stuff we watch together? You could set your clocks by it.
There's Jeopardy! of course, and The Simpsons. After JH is asleep, there's also reruns of any of the Law & Order franchise: Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and my favorite version, Law & Order: Mind Your Manners.

I tivo'd "That Thing You Do!" because of my huge crush on Steve Zahn, and they play music in it, so JH loved it.

Sigh. Seriously, isn't he just dreamy? Now if only he and George Clooney would do a family friendly musical.

Charley brought home Dexter, which we'll be watching soon. I don't think there's any singing, though.

That's it. FASKINATING, no? I tag Franklin, Stu, Rodius & Lisa


Donna said...

I had never watched Sahara until last week and Steve's character was a riot in that! I think I liked him right from the start in Reality Bites too. And after looking him up on IMDB I learned he was the voice of Runt in Chicken Little, which my kids have watched on the DVR about a million times.

Say, are you on IMDB????

Donna said...

Oooh, I just noticed the Robert Plant/Allison Kraus on your iPod--I managed to catch the tail end of their episode of Crossroads this morning--gotta go set the DVR to catch the repeat on Tuesday. We saw the video for Gone with all the inflatable "men." El Diablo loves those things (there was one on our daily route for several months and he missed his "man" terribly when it disappeared.

Kari said...

I've had my eye on that Plant/Krauss album -- maybe I'll finally take the plunge!

Love Steve Zahn -- my favorite is "Out of Sight," starring, of course, George Clooney. Maybe they could musicalize that?

anniemcq said...

Oh, I highly recommend Raising Sand. So, so good.

And Donna, I recognized his voice the first time we watched Chicken Little (and all 757 times after). Kari, I loved him in Out of Sight (and George too, of course - he looked so handsome in that suit! Yum!)

I, Rodius said...

I like Tom Hanks, but That Thing You Do never appealed to me. Now that I know Steve Zahn is in it (and, ahem, Liv Tyler and Charlize Theron), it's in the queue. Thanks!

Franklin5 said...

Okay: am finally aligning ducks in a row to tackle my own media list.

Three weeks? Yeah, that's a pretty average response time for me. What can I say? Je suis l'escargot.

Of course, now the only thing I can think about is Steve Zahn. Who was, in my humble opinion, the yummy, lickable frosting on the That Thing You Do! cupcake.