Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Funny Valentine(s)

I was talking yesterday to a much younger co-worker. She was telling me about her boyfriend, and describing all his good qualities. They are all important qualities to have, I said.

But does he make you laugh?

Maybe it's just me, but nothing is sexier to me than a funny man. Handsome will turn heads, but funny makes you stick around. But it has to be smart funny. Smart funny is harder to find.

Of course, smart funny without kind is no fun. They have to have a kind heart, be the sort of man who might, oh, bring your lunch to work if they thought you forgot it because they were worried you wouldn't have anything to eat. Even if it might behoove you to miss a meal or two. And they wouldn't say anything about THAT either, because they love you no matter what, and think you're sexier than anyone in the world. (Except maybe Charlize Theron. I understand, honey. She's on my list too.)

It also helps if they can make a really great cup of coffee. A great cup of coffee every morning for fourteen years of married life is a huge contribution to wedded bliss.

Does he listen to you? I mean, really listen? Because I can verify that lots of men can talk. But it's love if they listen. Especially when you have pms.

Oh, and that reminds me: Is he brave? Can he tell you, even though he is putting himself in grave danger, that the real reason you might be so pissy is because you have pms?

Those are just a few of the reasons I married my husband. Mostly though, I married him because I feel more like myself when I am with him.

I was so smart to say yes. And so lucky, that all these years later, I have not one, but two funny Valentines.

Thank you my sweet, comic Valentine. You make me smile with my heart.


Kari said...

Lovely. Happy day!

Lolabola said...

you are a lucky girl. love those pics!

suttonhoo said...

and again. making me cry.

STOP that.

(no. don't stop. please. don't ever.)

Anonymous said...

oh my Lord...I love love love the 2nd picture (not that your dh isn't adorably cute as well).

Yes, I will begrudgingly admit that the Saint generally matches what you wrote about. Except on days when's he's SUPPOSED to be romantic or thoughtful.

Then he's just a fucktard.

Stutopian said...

You got a couple of good ones, I can attest to that :)

Kimberly said...

Annie MCQ - how blessed are you and what great attributes BOTH of the Loves of your life have. I hope you had a very funny Valentine because if any one was more deserving than me, it should be you! :-)

I've missed you but I'm all caught up now and it's nice to see that some things stay the same and can cause such delight even in the worst of times.

I'm loving all the photos and feel you're really coming into your own with it. I can't wait until I can say I knew you when... or I blogged with her... Acutally to say I did anything with you just makes my day.

I heart you and your guys and love coming "home" and finding things still the same.