Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, Winter! Get Lost

It's been coming all weekend. On Thursday, Joe-Henry had very little dinner. On Friday, after school he said he had felt really nauseous at school, and asked if he could take a nap. Then yesterday, he rallied a bit, but this morning, damn it, he woke with a fever of 101, and he sounds like he has black lung when he coughs.

February is such a tease. There's Valentine's Day, which I love, with all that lovely sentiment and of course, chocolate. And by February, you can usually tell that spring is around the corner. But we've had crappy luck, health-wise in February. Joe-Henry usually manages to come down with something, followed by one or both of his parents. It seems that this year is no different.

He is lounging in our bed, a little Camille in mismatched pajamas, watching too much tv, and not eating enough to sustain a bird. He's in decent enough spirits, but I can tell he feels wobbly. If he has what they've had at our school, it won't be a fun week. I'm hoping he recoups quickly, because I don't know how much more Nick Jr. I can take.

Oh, and do you remember how I wrote about being That House a while back? Well, those neighbors? The one's with the five kids? They moved out as fast as they moved in. They're still in town, so I hope Joe-Henry can still see his buddy, because the kid next door is getting a bit too old to play with. He comes and hangs out here, because his mom works and he's left with an older brother he doesn't really get along with. Also, I think he likes our snacks. But yesterday, he showed up with two other friends and wanted to play football with Joe-Henry. Mostly because he doesn't have a yard of his own. But when his friend said that he didn't like Joe-Henry, they hightailed it down the street to his dad's place, where hopefully they were all put to work remodeling the house. I was really disappointed in him, even though from JH's side of the story, he did stick up for him when his friend mouthed off. Still, I'm feeling like I wouldn't mind going a round or two with a nine year old. I'll probably just have a chat with his mom - not as satisfying, but it will have to do. And truly, it's where the problem lies.

So anyway, here we are. Out of sorts, under the weather, waiting out winter. It won't be long now.


I, Rodius said...

Hey, we're sick-kid buddies! You mean they do this more than once???

suttonhoo said...

** hugs **