Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Less Meat = Happier Earth

I like me some meat. But this fact really caught my ear this morning: If the typical American reduced their meat intake (including chicken) by just twenty percent, it would be akin to trading in a mid-size car for a Prius.

I heard this interesting story on NPR this morning about the environmental impact of growing and processing meat.

I've been thinking about this lately, even considering doing our part and joining a CSA. Of course, it would mean letting the land dictate what we eat rather than our taste buds, but I'm sort of up for it. Aside from getting fresher, healthier produce, we won't be putting strain on the environment to get stuff shipped across country to our table. It will be local. I need to do more research, but it sounds so, well, healthy. I'm not going to start making my own tofu or anything ridiculous like that (although I've done it, and it was a HUGE time suck for little reward), but I'm eager to do my part to love my Mother Earth.


suttonhoo said...

great stat. ya know, for all my talk about bacon, I eat remarkably little meat -- and pretty much none at all when I'm the road because I find that I feel much better if I go veggie.

re the CSA: CANNOT recommend it highly enough. I pine for my CSA produce when winter comes. the flavors, the freshness are SO amazing -- and it does force you to eat stuff you wouldn't otherwise venture into.

so. gettin' all organic and whole foods-y on ya. but we already knew that that's how I skew. ;)

English Garden said...

I love stuff like that, I definetly try to do less meat and I'm even trying to grow some of my own veggies. Just got a fab book, square foot gardening if your ever interested in growing some of your own. We have a friend in Utah that did something like the CSA, maybe it even was the CSA and they really liked it.

I, Rodius said...

I love meat. I love it. It's one of those areas where I know how bad things are, but I close my eyes and pretend I don't. I should visit a factory farm or observe some real slaughtering to cure myself of it. But I probably won't. I love meat.

Lisa L said...

We eat very little meat. But I crave it every 28 to 30 days or so! I guess its my body making up for the monthly imposed blood loss and resulting anemia. I've recently started getting only local veges..big bonus...they are delivered to my office once a week..A remarkable company called Adaptations Inc began doing this to encourage local agriculture and a healthy community. Most of the veges/fruits that you buy in the stores are brought over here by ship from the Mainland. We also have our own small garden - eggpland,tomatos,peppers,(as in chili),herbs...we grow papaya, guava,oranges...the mango tree has never produced...maybe this year:)

Anonymous said...

I was a vegetarian for 16 years, so I figure I've done my part for the environment.


I still try to have us go meatless a few nights a week, although Rich is still on a euphoric high that there is meat in the house (a year and a half later). In fact, tonight we are having grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, so it will be meatless.

I still might end up back as a vegetarian someday.

Donna said...

Definitely not giving up the meat, but we do know exactly where the majority of our yearly beef comes from since we buy from a ranching friend. Tastes better than store bought for sure. I love the CSA idea. I need to see if there are any around me, even if we won't get the yummy fruit that some parts of the country get. We do have all the tomatoes we can eat from our own garden, and if we can keep the coons out, sweet corn.

anniemcq said...

I don't want to give up meat, either. But I think I could cut back 20 percent, fairly easily.

Thanks for the CSA tips, I think I'm going to find one and see about cost, etc.

Mrs. G. said...

I heard this same NPR story. It inspired me to stock up on beans and pasta.