Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Overwhelming Appeal of George Clooney

For Minivan Mom

Aside from the obvious, here is why I adore George Clooney:

1. His sincerity and intelligence.

2. His sense of humor.

3. His compassion.

4. His voice. (Sit down for this one. And know also, that the only person with a sexier voice is my husband. Tooo. Truuuue.)

5. His self-effacing attitude seems real and true.

6. He's related to musical royalty, and knows the power of celebrity.

7. No one wears a dark suit like George. (see #4 above.)

All that said: I'd still rather be married to my husband. But I'd love to have George over for dinner sometime.


Anonymous said...

I am totally cracking up.

Oh, George. How do I adore thee? Let me count the ways.

You lay out an excellent case, girlfriend. I stand corrected. LOL!!!

Kari said...

All true! All George! What I love best is that he appreciates things. He takes care, you know? There's thought and effort behind his actions. He doesn't use fame just to be famous.