Thursday, May 29, 2008

Head Song Friday - Red Clay Halo

There aren't many women that I'd like to be, other than myself. Sure I'd like to be thinner, or richer, or something, but mostly I'd just like to be my own version of that. But I have to say, right here, I want to be Gillian Welch. Just crawl up her skinny butt and be her. That angular face, that halo of red hair, and that talent - not just singing, but writing the way she does, like she's just been a receiver of the world's wisdom. And she and David Rawlings, with all of his bony angles and shy smiles, well, when they play together, they look like they just about max out the fun meter.

This song was on heavy repeat around here for awhile, as it was one of Joe-Henry's faves. We like to sing it at family hoot nights, and I can listen to it again and again, and still want to hear it one more time.

Turn it up and enjoy. Play it a time or two. Then a few more. Sing along, no one's around!


I, Rodius said...

Thumper sat through two straight playings of this one. At the end of the second playing, he said, "Bob!" and wandered off.

Amber said...

The dude is pretty good lookin'if I don't say so myself:)