Sunday, May 4, 2008


It's been an intense week, and I'm out of words for a bit. Well, actually, there's too much to say, and so much I want to write about but can't. I'll just say this: I love my job, but it can be an emotional roller coaster.

Yesterday was spent douching out the basement, moving furniture, trying to make it a better living space. I had to laugh at MM's comment about our living room. Of course I'm taking pictures of the only part of our house that looks decent. Someday, when I'm brave enough to keep it real, I'll take a picture of my desk. Or my kitchen. Or, God Forbid, our catcrap splattered bathroom in the basement. Then again, no. I won't.

But this morning, the sun is out, the skies are miraculously blue, and our dogwood is at the height of it's glory. It called to me to come out and take it's picture, so I did.

As I blinked my eyes, and squinted in the sunlight, I noticed that our Rhododendron had bloomed too....

As I leaned in to snap it's picture, I noticed a lovely scent in the air. Could it be? I followed my nose to the backyard, where I was rewarded with this...

Then I noticed JH's ball, sitting so pretty in the green, green grass, so as I was lining up to take a shot, I felt playful...

Then, uh-oh... What's that I just stepped in with my bare feet?

Whew! It's only mud. That was a close one.

We're off to Oaks Park, for a much deserved treat for the boy. I'll leave you with this:

Happy Sunday to you all!


Franklin5 said...

Am entranced and bewitched by your GAWGEOUS flower pictures... can practically smell the loveliness all the way over here.

And yes, I promise that I will somehow BUST THROUGH THIS BLOCK and blog again soon... but in the interim, you're missing quite a bit o' fun on Twitter.

First suttonhoo... then I, Rodius... and now I'm a tweeting fool. Come join the party!

Hope you're having a happy, healthy, less intense week. I can assure you that if (when) I'm feeling blue or overwhelmed at any point, I'm gonna look at that fab picture of you with a bouncy ball head: instant mood booster!

Lisa L said...

Love the pics. Hope this week is better at work. I am certain that the work you do has the capacity to be draining and exhausting. Hugs.