Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh My.

That about sums up our weekend road trip.

Let's see what we had going on:

Good travel companions - check!

Roadside Attractions - check

Beautiful Scenery - check

Naughty Road Food - check

The destination was my home town. The place I grew up (well, as much as I did), and the place my brother still lives. My parents are buried there. It's a fairly small town, and I was eager to leave when I got out of highschool. But driving back, I felt like something inside just opened up. I soaked up the scenery. I took about 8 billion pictures of the clouds - the way they cast shadows on the hills and the water, the pictures they make in the sky. Here's just one, if you desire more of this, hop over to my flickr page, there are 7,000,000,999 more.

And being with my family, with Joe-Henry along for the ride was... I can't put it into words really. It was more emotional than I bargained for. One of my siblings didn't go, and he was so missed. It's funny to see the picture of us - who are those people? We're still "the kids"! Being with them made me wish that Joe-Henry wasn't an only child.

Luckily, he has cousins, who are older than he is, but younger than I am, doing their part to keep him supplied with fresh playmates! My niece Amber, my brother's wonderful daughter, and her brilliant and funny and beautiful baby came over, and Joe-Henry was completely smitten.

He feels the same way about my brother that I do, too. He just loves to be around him. He's mellow and funny and kind, and he makes the best spaghetti I've ever tasted (with apologies to my MIL, who runs a close second). I don't know how I managed to leave without the recipe, but I'm making it my mission for the next trip.

And there will be another trip this summer. Somehow. Because it's not just a drive, it's a roadtrip. And it's not just a place. It's home.


Amber said...

I am so glad you guys made it here!!!Now you know,that if you see us once,you MUST see us again.soon.Right?Isaac told me that he wants to play with Joe Henry....;)

It was so great seeing you&JH&Aunt Jan!!
Love ya tons!!

Lisa L said...

Wow what a great trip! I'm so glad you got to reconnect with everyone again. I'm having yearnings to see my sis, bro, and their families again. (Australia)...one day soon I hope..I'm glad JH had a blast with his cousin! (Annie, I keep trying to post this but its not showing up...let's hope it doesn't show up like 3 times! Sorry in advance if it does.)

Kari said...

chili god! i'm so there.

looks like a marvelous time, well spent, well appreciated.

suttonhoo said...

** sigh **