Thursday, August 30, 2007

5 days...

...Until the start of school.

How does that happen? I know I was complaining about summer break at the beginning, but here's what happened....

I really started to enjoy this kid's company. We fell into a pretty easy rhythm:

Him: Wake up, watch tv, eat cereal, play with some sort of transportation toy, start to whine, eat some lunch, go to the park (or grocery store or post office), come home have a snack, play with some sort of transportation toy, watch the news, eat dinner, watch Jeopardy!, take a bath, delay bedtime by an hour or so by asking a million questions.

Me: Wake up earlier than him, make the coffee, read my blogs, write if I feel like it, clean the kitchen, start the laundry, make him breakfast, read the paper, order him to turn off the tv, take my shower, turn my brain over to him for the rest of the day, collapse at bedtime.

He grew about a foot this summer, and when he got his haircut the other day, when he was done I realized I have a big kid now.

He wears a watch and talks politics. But he still laughs at fart jokes, so we have something in common at least.

I took him to the ice cream social at his school so he could meet his new teacher. She asked what he wanted to learn about in first grade. He said Mechanical Engineering. She looked scared. She's going to be busy this year.

I have a job interview this morning. I'm excited and scared and nervous. I hope I don't fart during the interview.

At least Joe-Henry would still think it was funny.


Lolabola said...

great post.

hoping the interview went well and sympathizing with his new teacher.

Anonymous said...

oh my lord. I heart Joe Henry. Mechanical engineering. LOVE that kid.

Inquiring bloggers want to know more about the job and interview!

suttonhoo said...

break a leg, baby!

Donna said...

So did you?

Donna said...

BTW, seeing the time post as Pacific makes me wish I had two extra hours here. As it is I should be in bed because our whole household is fighting off the back to work and school crankies. My kindergartner is just about down to his last drop of gas after two weeks of all-day kindergarten and an intervening weekend of big brother's soccer games. Needless to say, the long holiday weekend agenda will include mucho nappage. Possibly for everyone! Maybe the Mighty Hunter will even take a nap with me when the kids are locked in their rooms....

Sorry. Lost my train of thought. And it is now two minutes closer to my bedtime.

Night night. Hope the job works out.