Monday, August 20, 2007

say what you will....

I have a dear friend who has been taking pole dancing classes. She loves it and her husband is reaping the benefits of her new sexy confidence. I have lots of body confidence, but get really embarrassed when I dance.

I have always been very private about my sexuality. Well, except for that time when I taped myself getting a pearl necklace in a three way with a cabana boy, the stable boy and an actor who, for the purposes of his anonymity I will give the pseudonym George C. Looney. That really came back to bite me in the ass. It's all over the internet. Search word "Kitty Lanai".
(Edit: I know that if you can count, that's technically a fourway, but the cabana boy and the stable boy had to tag team because George and I wore them out.)

Anyhoo, this weekend there was a little festival in our town, and these ladies had it all goin' on. There were a lot of young punks there who laughed at first, but these women got the better of them. And Joe-Henry thought they were all terrific. (Of course, now he wants finger cymbals....)

They were very inspiring, so who knows. This studio recently opened up here....


suttonhoo said...

ooooooo -- you tease me. "kitty lanai" returns only: "If It's Friday, There Must Be Cat Pictures!"


too cool about the studio. you're on the hook the now; you know that, of course.

can't wait to hear more.

anniemcq said...

D. - last night I was trying to think of someone here that I could wrangle into taking these classes with me that I would be mortified to "let down my hair" with. All I could think of was, "I wish D. lived here!"

suttonhoo said...

me. too.

and I know where I can scare up a pair of cymbals in a hurry.