Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So. Busted.

A while back, I posted something mean about someone on tv.

I've been spanked.

"Thanks Joe-Henry, for your unconditional support. Truthfully sometimes I do get shy, but I always feel at ease when I am with children. Children are open, honest, and non-judgmental, but most importantly they are loads of fun and incredibly imaginative.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. Keep up the good work with your reading. Words are the window to the world!

Your Friend,

The Giggly Miss Lori

PS Don't be too hard on your Mom. Moms are human. We all get exhausted and annoyed sometimes. It's great that she has this blog as an outlet. We should all have a safe place to go to express our true feelings. Don't worry, I don't take it personally. :)

Let Your SMILE Shine On!

Miss Lori"

Sorry Miss Lori. Thank you sincerely for your generous comment. Joe-Henry was really excited a) to see that you responded, and b) that mom got busted. Honestly, though, it was a great teachable moment. For me. I'm glad you didn't take it personally. I would honestly feel terrible if I hurt your feelings.

I will be listening with new ears. You have my utmost respect.

Your new fan,


Lolabola said...

what?! you mean people might read what I say?

I need to go read my entire blog now.

The other day a friend told me she read mine a while back and stopped because she read that I kissed our mutual friend T (who is gay) and she felt she was intruding.

Meanwhile, it was a different T and I could really care less if the whole world knew.

suttonhoo said...


love it.

p.s. I kissed T too.

Anonymous said...

Say whaaa?

Please tell me Joe-Henry sent her a fan e-mail and not that she found your blog!

anniemcq said...

It's true. Beware the cheap laugh on behalf of people you don't know. They might find you. And they might be really nice, and you'll feel like dog poo.

And can I say, it's a Lutheran girl's worst nightmare.

Lolabola said...

your last comment just kills me

I, Rodius said...

No word from Barney yet?

Miss Lori said...

Now, now, now, don't be too hard on yourselves. I don't think that Barney is checking the blogs out anyway. :) I do surf the web just like you all. A Mom's got to stay connected. And first and foremost that is what I am, a Mom of three wonderfully exhausting children.

I appreciated your apology, but it wasn't necessary. I really do understand where you where coming from. BTW I have a blog too on my website, thecampusinc.com, and on my myspace page, missloricampusmusic. I would be very happy to hear what you think. Meanwhile, enjoy the tail end of Summer. Be good to yourselves and to each other.

Your Friend and Compatriot,

Miss Lori