Saturday, August 4, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I love outdoor baseball. We are lucky enough to live in the Northwest, where outdoor baseball isn't too hot or humid or sticky. A gentle breeze and a cold beer, and if you're really lucky, garlic fries! Go Beavers!
That just sounds strange, though, doesn't it?!


anne said...

Annie McQ, I love outdoor baseball too!

My siblings and I used to play wiffleball in our backyard with all the neighborhood kids, so I learned the rules and the strategy of the game early on. Both of my younger brothers played on Little League teams, and it was while attending their games that I noticed boys my own age were playing on the next field over. Then I was hooked - my sister and I would talk our parents into dropping us off at the neighborhood ballfield to watch the jr high guys play...

The early date that lasted all day with the man I was going to marry involved a pro baseball game here in Denver.

My kids love the game also - sometimes, on a warm summer evening, the four of us pack a picnic dinner and go watch whoever is playing at the park near our home.

To this day, I still meet up for lunch every so often with the two guys I watched play the game, when I was a fourteen-year-old love-struck baseball fan.

anniemcq said...

Anne, when we were dating, one of our most memorable dates was going to see the Everett Giants, a minor league team in Everett, WA. We COULD have gone to see the Mariners, inside, but it wasn't nearly as cool as going out to the park.
PGE Park here in Portland is so beautiful. The rain shelter is gorgeous dark wood beams, and the scoreboard is changed by hand. You can hear the crack of the bat and the leather on leather thwack of the ball hitting the catchers mitt from up in the general admission seats, and honestly, there are no bad seats here.
We used to go to Dodger Stadium when we lived in LA, and it was always a treat, but it could get so hot in Chavez Ravine. The weather here in Portland is perfect for watching a game. Not to hot, not too cool. Just right.
I was never really a baseball groupie, but I do think that baseball uniforms really are the sexiest uniform, in terms of sports, that a man can put on. Something about the way those pants fit!

nodnarB! said...

Those are amazing. I cant wait till my Sass gets hers.

Lolabola said...

I'm sooo glad you got that camera! those photos are great.

also garlic fries and Go Beavers! that all sounds much better than nachos and Go Kracker-Kats! (Uh yeah we lost our other higher level team, the Trappers. Baseball not such a big thing in these parts)

anniemcq said...

Hey, Nodnarb! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, cameras are kind of addictive!

And Lola - Kracker-Kats? Really?! Sounds like a white Southern team or the softball team for the drug re-hab center. "The Kracker-Kats are playing the Heroin Hotheads!"