Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ms. Hoo!

If you are one of those lucky enough to call the fabulous Suttonhoo a friend, then you are lucky beyond measure. If you only know of her from her amazing blog Detritus, then let me tell you a few things about her that you might not know...

She works like a demon. She's got the goods, and then some when it comes to talent, but she's so humble you'd never guess it. She's got her arms open to life, and if you look up the word "lovely" in the dictionary, you'll see her picture. She would never write anything mean about anyone on tv. But if YOU did, and say, you got busted? She would say something to make you feel better. And then she'd laugh at you a lot. Which is why you love her.

She's one of those gorgeous smart girls. If you read her blog, you know she's tall, too, so she could kick yer ass if she needed to, but she wouldn't ever need to, because she would disarm you with her charming wit immediately, and you would never even feel foolish for having wanted to tussle with the likes of her. Just lucky that you didn't.

She's the kind of friend who shows up. When we both lived in Seattle, she helped us move (twice, in one year), and when we moved to LA and I had been there only days, I received a call to tell me my father lay dying in a nursing home three states away. She met me during a layover at the Seattle Airport with bagels and a hand to hold. She's just so kind.

She loves a great cup of coffee, The New York Times, and laughing at mortifying stories. She won't shy away from a good, cleansing cry, either. And no matter how much time or distance stands between you, she will remember your stories. Sometimes better than you do. Because she likes stories and she loves you.

D., I wish you a full cup of dark, rich, hot coffee and something chocolate to go with it.
To your next year - may it be full of adventure (the good kind), and laughs (the best kind), and dear friends (the only kind).
Love you to bits and pieces.
Mrs. McQ

From "You Are Your Birthday" by Ellin Dodge

If August 24th is your birthday:

You are sensitive, detail conscious and want all the comforts of home. In youth your pettiness, jealous outbursts and overly humble manner created disharmony in your community. When you become cooperative and maintain friendships, your youthful relationships are helpful in mid-life. Love and a peaceful atmosphere at home or business are essential to your emotional and practical well-being. A helpmate, teacher or assertive friend is inspirational and helps you to make decisions. You intend to improve your material standards, have your own home and are willing to work in youth.

In your twenties you relate best to males due to your sensitivity to your mother as a tot. You are opinionated and play devil's advocate to get a rise out of everyone. It is difficult for you to be decisive or patient until you get in touch with your true feelings. As a child, your temper tantrums or violent dislikes were ignored. If you were encouraged to share your personal opinions, develop your intellectual strengths and build self-confidence, you would not make mountains out of your personal molehills or be too self-concerned.

You are too intent upon surviving before the war begins. In mid-life you assume responsibilities and begin to recognize your exceptional talents. You are a late bloomer and begin to receive recognition after age forty.

You have lived unconventionally and sensually and learned about life as you encountered changes and surprise. The people and experiences that you met in youth are stepping-stones to your concentration in later years. You have material protection.


suttonhoo said...

oh dear friend -- what an amazing birthday gift. what a great way to start off the new decade.

(althoug I hate to disillusion you -- but I'm afraid I'm not above saying mean things about people on tv. ;)

thank you. tons of love.

I'm off to have a birthday. :)

Lolabola said...

oh I'm so glad she clarified the tv bit, I was feeling disillusioned.

Kimberly said...

Annie McQ there you go again laying out a person's inner being right before their eyes. You know her very well. I know her slightly by lurking around her blog. You are blessed to have such a terrific friend.

OK so now I have to put a plug in for my birthday which is next week on Sept. 4 because I truly need some direction and guidance in my life so I figure if this book can so eerily describe two wonderful people who have crossed my path (Tracey & D) then maybe it can give me great insight into who I am and why I am like I am... Hint, hint. I've missed you as I'm behind in reading but am lovng the catching up process. You've been having great fun and I'm glad. Keep it up. School starts here next week and I'm counting down the days and trying not to drool too much.

Heart you much.