Saturday, March 22, 2008

Falling in love again

I have been doing my best to be objective. I really have. I haven't gone to first base, I haven't even said we were thinking about going steady. But my resolve is crumbling, and I'm thinking of climbing into the back seat, one more time.

I read the transcript of Barack's speech, having missed it on television, and not wanting to be swayed by his personality, I just wanted time to read and digest his words. First and foremost, I was wowed by the fact that he wrote it himself. Can you imagine what a treat it would be if our current leader would be allowed off the leash to write a speech for himself?

On the other hand.

Eight. Long. Years. It would be hysterically funny if we weren't five years into this f*&#ing war, if people weren't losing their homes in record numbers, if the earth weren't threatening to melt and swallow us all whole.

I was also amazed by Barack's embracing our ambiguous human natures, without being at all wishy-washy. But more than anything, I am amazed by what I'm feeling in response to his words: Hope.

The Clinton's used to have the market cornered on Hope, but as much as I admire Hillary, and believe in her ability to lead, and as much as I LOVED Bill (but not in that way), I think a Hillary candidacy would be too divisive.

It's strange, isn't it? This feeling that every four years we fall in love, get our hearts broken, swear we'll never fall for this again, only to swoon and sway once the sweet talk eventually thaws our hearts.

But honestly, I ask you: How can you watch this without falling, truly, madly deeply? He's given me a promise, and I believe him. And he believes in me. He said so himself.

So I guess it's official. I am going steady with Barack Obama.


I, Rodius said...

Good thing there's enough of him to go around. And, uh, that he swings both ways. Barack Obama is bisexual! I figured I'd give you those Google hits for YOUR blog instead of mine. You're welcome!

suttonhoo said...

yup. truly madly deeply, baby.