Friday, March 7, 2008


Do you suppose that cave people had a work week? Did they grunt, "Thank Rock it's Friday!"?

Or the pioneers? On those endless wagon trains, did they shout "Hallelujah, we can sleep in tomorrow!"?

Or did it all blend together, was struggle just a way of life, from day to day to day?

Probably. They were a lot tougher than me. I am a, what's that word I'm looking for? Oh, right. Pussy.

Even though yesterday, we stayed home from school AGAIN, because he had diarrhea in the morning, but nothing for the rest of the day, I am looking forward to the weekend. To a little R&R.

Of course that means getting the taxes ready and the house clean and some play dates arranged and etc, etc, etc.

But a just a little more sleep sounds sooo nice.


Kari said...

"thank rock it's friday!" is my new motto. thank you!

English Garden said...

Yeah! I look forward to Fridays too because that means tomorrow daddy is home all day!!