Friday, March 14, 2008

How to Build A Leprechaun Trap

A tale told with visual aides

First of all, there is the gathering of materials, first and foremost being glitter, because leprechauns adore the shiny. We used green scissors (for luck), and what building project is complete without popsicle sticks?

Second, the glitter must be artfully applied to attract the Leprechaun properly. This piece here is going to be the arch. Arches are majestic, and when you see them, especially if you have an ounce of Leprechaun in you, you MUST pass through.

This is just errant glitter, and some flotsam. See how the glitter even makes the flotsam look beautiful?

Next there is the bait: money. Leprechauns love money. But it has to be SHINY money. It helps that it has weight, because it will play a large part in the trapping of the Leprechaun.

And just in case the lure of the lucre isn't enough, what Leprechaun could resist the promise of Gold? Especially with this many exclamation points?

Seriously? If you were a Leprechaun, and you saw that gorgeous arch, with all that signage just WAITING TO BE DISOBEYED, wouldn't you have to go under that arch to grab that money?

Up above the gold, you'll notice (only because I am kindly pointing it out to you - if you were a Leprechaun, you would be too blinded by your money lust to even look up) the clever mechanism through which the rope for the trap will be threaded. Also note the signage. Leprechauns LOVE to disobey.

And for the finale, here is the completed project. With the proud builder in the background. You might not be able to see the trap itself, as it is cleverly disguised as a gigantic hovering tree (or perhaps a hairy green cloud). Anyway, once the money is lifted by Paddy, the Leprechaun (who has been visiting class all this week, making all sorts of mischief - leaving tiny green footprints, stickers and messing with traps brought in early by eager first graders), the rope attached to the trap will be released, dropping the trap onto the unsuspecting Leprechaun.

What do you do with a Leprechaun once he is caught? He wouldn't make much of a meal, and I don't think he'd be much help around the house. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.


Kari said...

send him to me! i will make good use of him, scavenging for gold & lucky charms in the park.

suttonhoo said...

this is the *best*.

okay: now that you're all warmed up, we'd like a scientific experiment please. (so I can tell the b1-boys to leave me alone already. ;)

I, Rodius said...

If you catch a leprechaun, doesn't he HAVE to give you his gold? That's use enough for me. And it's kind of J-H to make his trap cruelty-free; no snapping jaws or the like. Good work.

Anonymous said...


Proof positive that you trump me yet again in the awesome parenting category. That is just so cool. Not only would I never think of it, but even IF I had the ability to pull together something like that, I just couldn't dredge up the enthusiasm.

J-H is a lucky little dude.

anniemcq said...

Tracey, I dredged up the enthusiasm because it was "homework". I never would have thought of it on my own!

English Garden said...

Wow, cool trap. I haven't checked blogs in a while I've been totally missing out!!