Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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"Mom" he says sleepily. I grunt, because he's supposed to be going to sleep, and he says "I just have to tell you this one fact that amazes me before I go to sleep. Spiders were alive in the time of the dinosaurs!"

"Birds, too" I say.

"I know. There were no words then, were there? When were words invented? Did someone invent them? Like, God? Or maybe the Indians? Probably the Indians."

And with that he went to sleep, leaving me in his gigantic brain dust, while he heads off to dreamland to come up with other facts and questions to stump and amaze me.


Donna said...

Sometimes they say such amazing things. Too often I get used to letting them slide by (Number One Son pretty much only stops commenting and asking questions when he's asleep). But every once in a while, they cause a double take and you have to wonder just how they got that all figured out already.

English Garden said...

wow! there are so many aspects to being a parent, so many things to know!

I, Rodius said...

"Things Created by God or the Indians" probably encompasses a fair amount of the world. Good thinkin', J-H.