Thursday, July 24, 2008


Apparently, Twitter is having some issues, and lots of people are losing "followers" and those they are "following". Many are "bereft", "angry", "upset", "Pissed", and some are questioning life itself. According to the Twitter site where the problem is being followed by millions of pale, pale people.

Jesus. Get a life. Yes, it's annoying. Like when you spill water on your keyboard and fry your computer, or send your cellphone through the laundry. Only it's someone else's bad, and you can bet they are working on it like mad, because it's their baby, but folks are up in arms. Make that UP IN ARMS !!!

This is why I was reluctant to join Twitter in the first place. It's like Geek Crack. So addictive that if you go five minutes without you start to twitch and sweat. I mean, yes, if you're tweeting for business purposes, then it's a drag. But even then, no one has died. No one has cancer. You haven't lost the use of your arms and legs. But most people are just randomly posting their "thoughts" to 2,003 of their closest "friends". How do you even FOLLOW that many people and still have time to go pee? Or are sales of Depends way, way up?

I don't consider myself a luddite, by any stretch. And if you asked my husband, he'd probably say I have a "dependency issue" with my blogging and tweeting. And it is a bit of an inconvenience to lose my peeps, if not my tweets, but I am 46 years old, and I'm using words like "peeps" and "tweets", so how seriously should my complaints be considered?

People, people, people. Look up. Walk away. Stretch. Go for a walk. Or call a friend that you know in real life. Do your dishes. Take this inconvenience, because that's all it is in the grand scheme of things, as a reminder to take a shower. Maybe then you will notice that you are a bit pasty and smelly and pale. And if you think I'm talking to you directly, I'm probably not, because I don't think that the people who read this blog are in this category. I could be wrong, and if I am, I'm sure I'll hear about it.

I'm going to go smell my kids hair and clean the kitchen and get out in this beautiful day. Who knows if I'll be back.

Real life ROCKS.


Kari said...

Many are "bereft", "angry", "upset", "Pissed", and some are questioning life itself.

Oh, that made me laugh.

Plus: you're on Twitter?

Kari said...

(I had more to say!)

P.S. I'm saving this post forever. It's perfection.

Amber said...

Is twitter really that addicting?What do you do?Talk to random people,and friends?I don't think I'd be a good twitterer seeing that I basically have an attention span of a........that picture of the flower is very pretty:):)

Donna said...

I didn't think Facebook could be all that interesting, but oh my, definitely in the crack category! No twittering for me though. I am too busy playing Word Challenge and Who Has the Biggest Brain...

(and looking up Neil Diamond videos)

Franklin5 said...

Oh, ANNIE, I loved this post, even as I cringed whilst recognizing myself in the telling. Because now that you mention it, it occurs to me that I AM a bit pasty and smelly and pale. Murmur. MURMUR!!!

Honestly, it is comical how many 140-character posts have been dedicated to bashing Twitter for technical difficulties and downtime. Because what do you MEAN, we can't have it both ways? Pie? And eating it too? Uh, YEAH.

Having said all that, I am (hanging my head in shame) inexorably addicted to the Geek Crack. Worse, I'm guilty of dealing said Crack to several of my friends, you included.

But could I give it up, even if I wanted to? NO. No, I could not.

And would I be sad and lonely if you, total stranger I've never met, kicked the Twitter habit yourself? Yeah. Yeah, I would. As surreally warped as it sounds, I really would. "Bereft," even. ;)

Anonymous said...

*standing up and applauding*

And with this post, I give you an honorary Minivan Mom rant award. Love it.

I have been meaning to call you, and WILL. The time difference is messing me up (I almost called you at 8am your time the other day) and then another time right when I was going to call, you tweeted that you were at swim lessons with JH.

I, Rodius said...

You know people in real life?

anniemcq said...

Rodius: Yes, I know people in real life. If you count my parole officer. And George Clooney is only PRETENDING not to know me. So if you count them, plus my family, that's at least 4 RIGHT THERE!

Smartypants whippersnapper.