Monday, July 14, 2008

Two wheelers, No four wheelers for Joe-Henry

Since it's very early here, and I haven't had coffee, and this little chirpy boy is chattering in my ear about his success on his new* bike without training wheels, and did I mention I haven't had coffee ?, I thought perhaps we could do a brief interview for the blog:

What made you want to ride without training wheels?

I just thought that I could really do it and that just inspired me to try it.

You had your daddy with you. Did he help?

Yes he did, quite a bit. Well, when we were like landing, he had to say "you would have fallen", and I just said "Okay, I'll try not to do that" because sometimes I'd make a steep lean and he just got me before I fell, and that's what I felt like when he caught me.

What did it feel like when you knew you were riding on your own?

When I looked at the two wheelers, well I looked at the front and not the back because I would just go "waaaah!!!!", and you'd have to come get me, I just looked at the front wheel and I said "this feels so great!", and I usually like it when I get things because it feels great and that's just so awesome.

Does it feel as safe without training wheels?
Yes it kinda does, I just pretend I'm on training wheels, but when I lean, I kinda don't think about riding with training wheels and then when I get back on balance, I just think about the training wheels are balancing me and they just don't have crumbs on them and they're not as heavy.

Do you think you can go for long bike rides?
I hope I will be able to as long as I can ride up steep hills and start up hills and downhills better. I just hope that I can do that someday.

What's the best part of riding a two wheeler bike?
Ijust really feel good, and it feels happy to be free, because you're kind of free of the crummy training wheels that make it heavier. It's nice to be showing the world my tricks, but one time I tried to wave and my bell was rotten and dry and yikky, and I tried to push it, but I got kind of off balance, but then I got right back on balance, and that felt pretty good.

When I was riding with training wheels, I really wanted to lean and turn but my training wheels would stop me from doing that, and um, the training wheels were all crummy, so that if both of them touched the ground and I'd go up a super big hill, such as the Red and White Park (the huge hill at the end if you go around the park?), at first I would be like "ugh, ugh, ugh,", but now that I'm not on training wheels anymore, it feels like I'm not even, like I don't even have to peddle when I go up the hill and it's really great to be free, and I felt really proud of my self when my mom and dad would scream like "woooohooo", and it was really hard like starting and stopping. Starting uphill #1 hardest, Starting downhill #2 hardest. At first I was going to go around the big circle again, and I was going to go the other way, and I started from uphill and I was so proud of myself. And I wanted to do it the other way, but I sort of had a break in the middle, not a break, but it was really hard to peddle, and I started from downhill too, and it was hard, and I thought I was going to go zipping, zipping zipping fast, and I kinda put on my foot brakes a little bit, and then I just kinda turned, 'cause before I was on training wheels, and I would slow to almost stopping until I would almost fall, and that was until I learned how to stop myself and put my feet on the bottom, on the ground in other words. So it was really fun to learn to ride my bike without training wheels, and I like it alot better than when I had my training wheels on.

And I can't wait to go again today.


*Lissa* said...

That is so hilarious!! Love it! Congrats to your son on his big accomplishment!! :o)

Kari said...

"It's nice to be showing the world my tricks."

oh my god that's funny

Amber said...

It is nice to be able to show the world your tricks!!!!

Tell JH congrats on being training wheel free!!

Anonymous said...

Love J-H. I laugh so hard whenever I read his dialogue, because I am always reminded of how much I really think he and Bailey would hit it off.

Lisa L said...

Congrats J.H.! The freedom of riding a 2 wheeler is like no other:) SUCH an accomplishment...Its like learning to swim freestyle and breathe at the same time..takes time but when you've mastered it? Feels like a million bucks ;)

Robin Amos Kahn said...

Zoe and I miss Joe-Henry so much we would like to borrow him for a few months.

Aerie (aka Mrs. Rodius) said...

Love the thumbs up!

Donna said...

Number One Son finally got the hang of it this year (he is 8) and now whizzes around when we bring his bike into town (zero concrete where we live, all gravel and zoomy dangerous cars). El Diablo will be next--this will be good timing as he has lost his two front teeth already.

I, Rodius said...

Wow, no wonder you were missing the coffee. You can kind of hear his energy popping and crackling all the way across the internet. Congratulations to JH on a big milestone. The world loves to be shown his tricks.

English Garden said...

Yipee for JH, that was pretty cool & funny Annie McQ

suttonhoo said...

One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

But till that morning
There's a'nothing can harm you
With daddy and mamma standing by

and they'll be saying: WooooooHooooooo!

(loved this post so much)

*courtesy of mr. gershwin